Help with a ¨simple¨ rule

Hi guys,how are you,Happy Holidays first of all :slight_smile: First post of all times

I need Help i, cant not know how to do a¨¨simple¨¨rule, (my devices are a sonoff basics)

When my Window is ON and Ceeling is ON, turn off Ceeling , BUT if Window was ON BEFORE Ceeling ,and I turn ON Ceeling keep boths lights on.

i can make the first part with if and then but can not figure out how to do the next part (or even if i can make rules with a kind of after or before ¨x¨ rule )
Thanks For your time guys

Trigger: window on
Action: if ceiling on turn turn off ceiling

Could also use this for the action...
Action: Turn off ceiling

Don't need a rule for the but part because it will do that anyways. Don't even need rule manager for this, can do it in simple automation. I think your just overthinking it.

hahahah :rofl: i can not belive it ,i was drowning in a simple and tiny glass with water you are right ,i was overthinking it ,THANKS so much

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