Help with a rule

i have three rules that I utilize for my outdoor lights.

Outside Sunset - +10 after sunset fade lights to 100 over 10 minutes at 5-second intervals
Outside 9:30 - at 9:30 PM fade lights to 50 over 30 minutes at 5-second intervals
Outside Sunrise - -15 minutes before sunrise fade lights to 0 over 10 minutes at 10-second intervals

I know it doesn't matter, they all work individually, but how would I go about combining them into one rule? So that each function above runs at the time, adjust as required and then ends.

My goal is to understand the way to do this so i can utilize it for future rules i may want to create,

you could use conditional actions to do that.

I use something similar for my office lights when I used RM to manage it all, using sensors and modes.

IF (Mode is Dawn FALSE) THEN
On: Office computer light, Office door light, Office rack light
Adjust: Office computer light, Office door light, Office rack light by +80 --> fade: 5 --> after a delay of 0:10:00

and just create more conditional actions for the other times that you want.

No, you can't. You should leave them in 3 rules.

The conditional actions do not trigger the rule to fire. They are only evaluated if the action occurs. So, if your conditional action is in the true statement, it will only be evaluated if the rule truth changes from False to True. Then it will check the conditional action.

Why do you want it to be in one rule? It doesn't help hub performance or speed anything up.

Just cleanup on my end, not looking for any benefit.