Help with a Rule for Many sensors

I am requesting help with a rule. I am trying to use RM 3.0, for this but I'm having difficulty.

Essentially, what I'm doing is setting a momentary trigger via Google to On, and using that as a trigger to check many contact sensors to see if any are OPEN. So far, no problem.

However, what I want to do is to Speak on Google Home WHICH sensor is open.

Is there any easy way of detecting which sensor is open, without going through a series of IF THEN ELSE for EACH and every sensor?

Why don't you use a second rule that is triggered by the sensors themselves. Then it would be easy to notify which was the last one open. You could cause this rule to only run when the first rule wants it to, not always, by using a Private Boolean (not a restriction, but an IF-THEN test on it). It would always be triggered by the sensors opening, but only notify when you're other rule enables it to.

The most recent sensor opening would be %device%.

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I have used this and individual rules, both work.

Thanks, I will try that!