Help with a Routine Rule that keeps firing

I have created two rules - One for Goodbye (when everyone leaves) and one for Hello(when someone arrives). However, these are triggering a whole pile of times back and forth. I now that it probably has something to do with the condition of mode being 'Home' for Goodbye and 'Away' for Hello because when everyone leaves the mode changes to 'Away' and when someone arrives the mode changes to 'Home'. However, if I don't have this condition then how would the rule stop if someone arrived or everyone left. Here are the rules:

Actions for rules only run on truth change. You really don't need the mode conditions at all. If you were to remove Mode as a condition, in your first screenshot the true actions would only run when the first person arrived home. Your second screenshot, the actions would only run when the last person left.

You could actually combine these into a single rule. The opposite of anyone being home is everyone being away, correct? Remove mode condition from your first screenshot, leave the True actions alone, and move the True actions from your second screenshot into the False actions of your first screenshot.

OK, I see what you are saying. Like this then?

Yes, that should work.

This didn't work today. Here is what is in the Event Log:

But it didn't send a pushover notice and Ecobee didn't adjust. Any ideas?

Where's your trigger event? What is kicking off the rule you have posted?

Look up to post 3.


Nothing in the logs, I'm assuming?

Just as an aside, I'd go about it slightly differently and use Mode Manager to handle presence and mode changes. Then have RM trigger on mode change. I could post my setup if you want (I've shared it all over the forums lately lol).

Sure I would love to see it!

With this setup, rarely do my modes or HSM fail.

Thanks! This gives me something to think about. For the most part, I just use RM to do everything. What is the advantage to breaking it into using Mode Manager, etc. and then using RM?

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Ease of use. So, for me, Mode Manager makes perfect sense for managing modes. HSM triggering on mode changes itself (without me having to arm/disarm/etc) also makes more sense to me. The final piece of RM was just to trigger on HSM changes and then turn stuff on/off and lock or unlock doors.

Basically, it was making the system as automated as possible without having to think about or write a bunch of logic.

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