Help Wanted - Trigger event from IP Cams Motion Alert email

After spending days trying to figure out how to turn on the outside lights when my Reolink Argus detected motion, I finally got it to work. My solution was to create a "Cloud end point" and have Stringify monitor Gmail. When an email from the camera was received Stringify would send a webhook to the "Cloud end point" and turn on the lights. It's been working great with a very short delay.

Today I got an email from Google saying they are limiting access to Stringify on March 31st, making my solution worthless. Unfortunately IFTTT is also out of the question, they are facing the same issue as Stringify.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i've exhausted my knowledge of the Hubitat.

Thank you,

Hey ya

I was getting annoyed with the false alerts from my Reolink system with motion triggering as the sun changes. Currently i have a instance running on the AWS free tier that is running some custom python code that polls my gmail every minute, grabs new mails with a certain tag and then grabs the attachment. It then passes the attachment through Rekognition to see if there are humans in the pic. If there are it saves the image to a bucket and then send a notification to slack with the image preview.

So you could replace the slack notification with a post to the hubitat cloud end point.

This is my stage one method of achieving this. its not the most ideal due to the polling delay to get the new mails, and its only single threaded so If there's a tonne of mails to process because of lots of light changes or something it increases the delay more.

It was more of a POC, and i'm not looking into using GCP pub/sub triggering a cloud function

Happy to share my current python code if of interest.

Thanks for the suggestions and the offering of your code. I've since started using Zapier. They provide you with a personal email address that you can use to create rules or what they call Zaps. I currently have it setup so that when the Reolink Argus detects motion it sends an email to my Zapier email address, this triggers their Webhooks app and sends a GET request to Hubitat to turn on my outside and living room lights. It's surprisingly fast. I'm using the Free plan.