Help w/RM-4.0 'Garage Door Open' Notify + Repeating 'Garage Door Left Open' notification unless closed

My objective is to notify my phone when 'Garage door is opened' and to send at least two repeating reminder 'Garage door was left open' notifications after n minutes have passed unless I close the garage door beforehand. Extra kudos if you can explain to me how to send a notification in same rule once the garage door has been closed. I have been experimenting all evening on a virtual garage door and Rule Machine 4.0 with various levels of failure. Any help would be appreciated.

Pictured below is my latest piece of Rule Machine 4.0 failure. Note: Because this is only a test, I am using a very short delay and allowing the rule to repeat up to 5 times. It's probably not sane at all but it's all I can muster due to my inexperience.

I don't know if this is a good rule, but it certainly includes what you want. Here's what it does:

Between Sunrise and 19:59, it sends a notification every 5 minutes if the garage door is open (and if the switches "Pattie Poehl" and "Visitor" are off). After 1h30m, it closes the door, unless the switch "Persist" is on.

At other times (i.e. from 19:59:01 to sunrise), the same conditions as above apply, except the door is shut after 30 minutes unless the switch "Persist" is on.

Finally, a notification is also sent if the door is closed. My notifications are sent via Sonos, and the Sonos-join command just joins various Sonos speakers.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! I will take a closer look at your rule set tomorrow.

I finally came up with a functional garage door notification rule set based on what I set out to accomplish in my original post using RuleMachine-4.0. Over time I will probably expand upon this rule with more options. If so, I'll update this post for anyone else interested in a similar type of rule. Any critiques are appreciated.


Thank you for posting your code here!

A little over a month ago I started moving from Wink to HE, and I am very happy with the reliability of the new setup. However, it has been very challenging to figure this system out. (I am techie person, but still I find this system not easy to understand!)

I wanted to do set up a garage door monitor very similar to what you have done -- except that I wanted it to speak the status on an Echo Dot ---- but simply had no idea how to go about writing the rule. Your snippet helped me out a lot!

Cheers and stay safe,