Help w/Notification from multiple devices/switch

Can someone help me figure out how to create a notification that is only active when a virtual switch is turned-on and then triggered by any motion and door/window sensor?

My goal is to create a notification that can be armed via a Virtual Switch in a dashboard, that when motion sensors and/or door/window contact sensors are triggered, that I'll receive the notification. I don't want to use HSM because I don't want to trigger other alarm actions I have set in HSM such as siren and lights-turned-on...I only want to be notified on my phone. Such as when on vacation, would love to see that the dog walker came during the day etc without setting off alarms...then HSM would take care of potential intruders at night.

I think I got most of the way there by creating a Notification that would be triggered by multiple motion sensors and setting up a "Restriction" of a Virtual Switch (not sure if the Restriction option was the correct method to arm this Notification). But even if I did setup this up correctly I couldn't find a way to add door/window contact sensors in addition to motion sensors also as triggers.

Thanks for any help!:slight_smile:

could you post a screenshot of your rule?

Just set up a second Notifications automation that uses the contact sensors, and the same virtual switch as the restriction.

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That didn't work. I received no alerts after clicking the dashboard switch to "on" and then walking past a couple motion sensors and opening two door sensors...any ideas?

My only thought is possibly in the notification app, it asks "For how long? (minutes)" and I don't have a value there because I want it to be soon as a door or motion sensor is tripped I'd like a notification, even it is just for 1 second.

The virtual device shown below is only for motion but the virtual device for the doors and windows is setup identically and assigned the same Virtual Switch.

You should enter a repeat interval since you have enabled that feature. Maybe that’s causing an issue?

I actually just built a Rule for this and that is working like a charm so regardless of reason I'm abandoning ship on the Notification App.

But thanks for your help, much appreciated! ...oh using the same virtual switch as you suggested worked for the new Rule, so that was very helpful:)

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HORRIBLY WRONG! Eventhough I built a rule that can be triggered by motion, door/window contact sensor and a vitrual switch, it remains on constantly regardless of switch position, ugh!!!!!

Any ideas!!!!?

Screenshot of the rule?

I think the "or"s in this rule alert trigger are the main culprit but I don't know of a solution.

My goal is to only switch this alert on when needed via dashboard switch.

Just brainstorming a bit. You likely should have something like this.


  • All sensors and doors but leave out "intruder notification" (virtual switch?)


  • If Arm Away Intruder Notification off
  • Exit rule.
  • Else if Arm away notification switch on AND
  • XYZ sensor and ABC door any open
  • Then
  • Notify Adams phone............
  • End If

Edit: I believe you want to leave out the virtual switch as it will process the rule every time you flip the switch. You really only want to evaluate it as a condition.

Thanks, that is the logic I was intending on using...BUT I think I found a solution!!!!

HSM Away will provide this type of alerting. I originally and mistakenly thought the HSM AWAY would have to trigger the full alarm that is tied to NIGHT mode but actually AWAY has it's own action options which I programmed for strictly phone notifications.

But anyhow thanks for your guidance and responses!!!!