Help understanding z-wave details

After moving to Hubitat a few months ago, I've started digging into the user interface and came across something that I cannot find in the documentation. When I look at the Z-wave details page, I see devices that have no labels and have no info in the routing column. I also see devices that have a label but don't have routing info.

I'm assuming the devices with no labels and no routing info are ghosts. Can I simply delete these or will doing so cause additional issues? If so, how do I address them? Or can I simply ignore them (seems unlikely)?

As far as the devices that have a label but no routing info, is there something amiss with these or are they simply not using routing and are connected directly to the hub?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide. Also, if these questions are explained somewhere in the documentation and I missed it, feel free to point me in the right direction.

Here's my Z-wave Details page:

The ones with the Discover button mean that the Join stopped before it was complete. This can happen with Battery devices especially. You wake the sleepy device and the click the discover button to finish the join. Clearly you tried to Join and Join and were eventually successful. It's easy to assume that your Chandelier is the device in question.

You'll want to remove those, following the Ghost removal advice.

The others are less clear, because they could be battery devices that simply haven't woken in 24 hours. If they are not battery devices, then yes those too will need to follow the ghost removal steps.

Take the Kitchen Cam as an example.. click the Refresh button in the center column, and wait 45 seconds and refresh the page. You're looking for that stack of two buttons to become 3 adding a Remove. Then you want to click remove and let the hub take a shot at finishing the removal. IF after a day, you come back and there's still some to be removed, try it again and then look at buying a ZWave USB stick and the SiLabs software to clean them up at the most basic level.

A portion of the cleanup occurs during the nightly cycle and you need to give the hub a chance.


What @csteele said, with one addition - you need to update the hub’s zwave firmware.


Ding Ding.. winner.. I missed that :smiley:


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