Help troubleshooting Zooz ZEN53 DC Motor Controller

Hi, this is a troubleshooting help needed ... and while long includes I think the necessary background.

I have a Hubitat C7, platform version I have 23 devices with no issues, until ...
I'm trying to convert a Somfy RTS controlled shade to Zwave. I'd been using the Somfy ZRTSI as the Zwave to RTS interface to the 2 shades. The shade has a CL32 12V DC motor. I cut the power leads to the integral RTS board and attached the Zooz ZEN53 using their wiring diagram. I'd purchased the ZEN53 before the Hubitat unique ZEN53 DC Motor Controller was published, so I was using the Generic Zwave Shade Device which worked about 50% of the time ... odd. The 50% failures would take a couple of attempts at commanding OPEN or CLOSE through the Device List GUI for that shade and were ultimately successful.

When the Hubitat unique ZEN53 DC Motor Controller came out I switched to that. I followed the instructions provided at [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN53 DC Motor Controller (for shades). I was able to command the shade to CLOSE and OPEN, once, successfully which I did as a test. Note my shade has no electrical stop switches, rather it has mechanical limits at full up and down. With the RTS Software limits were set by using a remote to establish full up and down, but these software limits are now obviously gone having bypassed the RTS. But I understood a 'manual calibration' would determine motor travel time up and down, but evidently not so. I attempted a manual calibration with the help of Tech Support from the Seller (they've been great). The shade was fully open/up, and upon commanding the calibration it traveled full down and encountered the down stop, and stopped. It did not travel up. I commanded OPEN/up, and it traveled full open. But from that point on it's never functioned properly again. It would only move incrementally, like for a tenth of a second. So power was evidently getting from the ZEN53 to the motor, but only momentarily.

I've done multiple EXCLUSIONS (at 5 foot distance from Hubitat hub), FACTORY RESETS, INCLUSIONS, and now firmware upgrade to 1.2 with no change. I've confirmed 12.2V DC power. And I bypassed the ZEN53 and attached the 12V-2A power supply directly to the CL32 motor and confirmed it traveled full down and full up (by reversing leads). I had a Multimeter in line and measured 1.89A down and 1.98A going up, and then 2.20A when the motor encountered either stop. I also tried a 12V-1.5A power supply with no change, and Tech Support stated the 2A supply was fine with the ZEN53, though they prefer having electrical stop switches. During all times the Device status shows “OPENING” and “CLOSING”, and the LED is lit during open and close, but with no motor movement. I measure zero volts on the ZEN53 output motor leads. So while the motor used to incrementally move, it now doesn’t move at all (as confirmed by the meter measurements) while attached to the ZEN53.

I tried changing the Parameter #3 Motor Cycle Duration for Shutter Mode to 8 seconds, confirmed in the Data, and confirmed the LED illuminated for 8 seconds following OPEN and CLOSE commands. But still no power output from the ZEN53 to the motor. And today I confirmed the motor still functions properly via direct connection to the power supply. And I’ve bypassed my electrical connections and used jumper wires to confirm continuity. At all times the ZEN53 clicks and illuminates, but no motor control after changing to the unique driver. And I tried going back to the Generic driver with no success. Tech Support last recommendation was the firmware update to 1.20 which I completed which evidently had no effect, the motor still does not move.
So then I tried a Qubino Flush Shutter DC device which had an existing controller. It initially worked for one full down and one full up, and then stopped working.

Any ideas? The indications from two devices appears to be device power output is damaged after increasing from 1.98A to 2.20A? But I find that hard to believe. My meter has a min/max recording feature, and measure no more than 2.20A.

I had your post split to a new post since it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with the driver specifically.

After the ZEN53 stopped working did you measure the voltage on the OUT+/- wires to see if any power is even being put out?

The supply I am using for testing is a 12V 2A as well. The motor I have though has no stops on it at all so it just spins as long as I have the calibration time set.

Agreed, I don't think it's a driver issue given it worked with the unique ZEN53 driver as well as Generic Shade driver, and now doesn't work with either.

I confirmed last night (had to be sure, I've measured it before) there are zero volts across OUT +/- wires.

Device is fried for sure, but why, especially since it sounds like another device also got fried. Zooz would probably replace it but if another goes dead right away I would assume it’s not the zen53 that is the issue.

Sorry I don’t know enough about this stuff to help with the why part of it.