Help troubleshooting HE->Hue->Alexa

Not sure what to do or try next. Here is the config.

I changed routers (which did not seem to break anything) and updated firmware in Hue bridge, which did, or broke it in combo with new router.

Lost connection with Hue hub, which was fixed by plugging cat5 cable into new router. All my lights work fine using the Hue App. Alexa is still not responding. I've tried un-linking/re-linking the Hue skill in Amazon app - which included a round of discovery. Tried removing and rediscovery again in the "Amazon Echo App" in HE. No dice... "Sorry, Lampx is not responding..." Must I delete everything and start from scratch? Here is the config.

HE Apps: Hue Bridge Integration, Amazon Echo App
Amazon Skills: Hue, Hubitat

Can someone provide relative newbie some guidance? Thanks a ton.

So, can you control the Hue Lights from within Hubitat from the Edit Device page? If you Hue lights are being linked directly from Hue to Alexa, then Hubitat doesn't have anything to do with the control from Alexa. Do you have this enabled in the Alexa skill within Hubitat?

If so, then your Hue integration with Alexa is the problem and you have to work on it from that end. As far as controlling from within Hubitat, I would check the Hue integration app and see if the Hub is able to be discovered. Are the Hue Hub and Hubitat on the same network on the same subnet?

Thanks Ryan, appreciate it. I think you are right that the problem is between Hubitat and Alexa.

1)No, I cannot control Hue Lights within Hubitat from the Device page.
2)I have un-linked my Hue account from Alexa (I think I must have re-linked it, trying to get stuff to work)
3)Exclude Hubitat is enabled
4) The Hue integration App is able to discover the Hue hub and all the bulbs (I have 12)
5) Ah ha! Great sleuthing! they are not on the same subnet! How did that happen...??
Hue -
Hubitat -

The Hubitat address is reserved, so Hue must have changed. I assume I cango into Hue and change the dhcp address to the .86 subnet... yes?

OK, Hue hub now has a proper subnet - and still no go. Hubitat finds the Hue hub, but devices cannot be controlled from Hubitat. devices still controlled by Hue app.... and now Goggle Wifi.

I discovered that Google WIFI will pair with a Hue Hub and provide access for network users to the Hue lights, called (web address) - that's pretty cool.

I now have my test bulb duplicated in Hubitat (not sure how that happened, through discovery I guess) and the 2nd listing can be controlled by hubitat devices.

If you have the option to disable Hubitat integrated devices, that means that Hubitat will not sync Hue devices with Alexa through the Hubitat skill. With that option enabled, it is assumed that your Hue hub will be connected to Alexa directly and Alexa will control them that way. So, I would not expect the problems with Alexa to have anything to do with the problems with HE.

Thanks for this explanation - I think I've got it now. I re-linked the Hue skill in Alexa and I can now control the lights. I'm not sure I'll ever need to have the lights go through Hubitat. Thanks again for walking me through, much appreciated.

If you are ever going to use the light's status as a condition for any automation in Hubitat or if Hubitat is going to control the lights in any way, I highly recommend integrating them to Hubitat and not directly to Alexa. Hue lights modified outside of Hubitat will not update their status in Hubitat instantly. Hubitat has to poll the hue hub to get their status periodically. So, if you turn on a light with the Hue app, Hubitat might now know about that for several minutes and that might affect how different apps function.

And to do that, I would need to switch off 'Exclude Hubitat integrated hue devices", un-link my Hue account from Alexa and install the 'Amazon Echo Skill' app in hubitat? 3 steps?

I still have the Amazon Echo Skill installed in Hubitat, any harm in leaving it installed?


To link them through Hubitat, you would first remove them from Alexa and turn off the Alexa/Hue integration. Then you would just need to turn off "Exclude..." and add the devices to the Alexa skill in Hubitat. Then just ask Alexa to discover new devices.

Wow, and here I thought I was beginning to understand this! haha.. When I get some time, I'll try the above config, so I may be coming back for more help! So... to add a new bulb with the above config, you'd add it Hue hub first? and then discover with the alexa skill in hubitat?

If you are trying to route through Hubitat, you are missing adding the bulb to the Hue Integration in Hubitat second. Then add to the Alexa skill.

OK, I've deleted the devices from Amazon App, un-linked the Hue Skill in Amazon App, devices are listed in the Hue Integration on Hudfbitat, devices are listed in the Amazom Echo Skill on Hubitat.

The devices work from the Hue App, they work from the Devices listing on Hubitat, but they still do not work via voice control with Alexa. alexa says sorry, I didn't find a device named "Sconce 4".

?? TIA

Did you ask Alexa to "find new devices" and set them up in the Alexa app?

Also, go back into the Alexa skill and make sure they are still listed. Open another tab in your browser to the live logging page. And watch the logs as you hit "Done" on the Alexa Skill in Hubitat.

Lol, no! You didn't mention that. :slight_smile: I guess that is pretty obvious now that I think about it. But in the Alexa app, it wants the type of device to discover, shall I put phillips hue even though I'm un-linked from hue account?

Edit: I just asked alexa via voice. She could not find any new devices. ??

From live logging page:

2019-10-09 02:37:19.718 pm errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"90343ae8-08b2-41ee-9da8-dc1002572af3"},"payload":{"code":"INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXCEPTION","description":"Access token is not valid."}}

Geeze Louise... somehow Hubitat app in Alexa got un-linked. Re-enabled Hubitat app and now some of my lights respond to Alexa... some say, device does no support that. Weird.

OK, I've got all lights wrking with Alexa, I had to delete and re-discover in alexa.

Looks like I need to regroup my Groups/Rooms in alexa as well.

Ryan, thanks for your help and one more questions. Do I need to maintain Groups in both apps Alexa, Hue? I take it Hubitat will read all groups created in Hue...?

I don't use Hue Groups. I do everything in Hubitat. That way there is no latency with Hubitat knowing the status of the lights.