Help syncing Lutron State in Dashboard Tile

I have successfully integrated my Lutron dimmers with HE and Alexa for almost two years now using the Lutron Integrator and the Lutron Alexa Skill, but because I rely on automation and on voice control (the voice control is due to the WAF preference, mine is automation) I have not really used dashboards to control lighting. My dashboard use has primarily been for monitoring hub status, thermostat states, monitoring security sensors etc.

Because of this, it was not until I recently set up a dashboard for controlling lighting that I noticed the following: the dashboard tiles of my Lutron switches can turn on and off my Lutron dimmers, and the dimmers can be controlled by Alexa voice control. However, when I physically turn on or off the Lutron dimmer at the physical switch itself, my dashboard tile of my Lutron device does not change state to keep in sync with the state of the physical switch. In addition, when I use Alexa voice control to turn on or off the light, again, the state does not change on the dashboard tile. Additionally, when I turn on the light using the dashboard tile, the light able to be controlled, but the icon constantly shows “sending” until I refresh the dashboard by exiting the dashboard and then calling it up again.

I believe I set up the Lutron devices by first adding them to the Lutron Pro2 Bridge and then integrated them with HE through the Lutron Integrator app (can’t be sure since I did this nearly two years ago). The Lutron HE devices were then added to Alexa via the HE Echo Skill app.

Can anyone help me get the state of my dashboard tile to sync with the switch status regardless of what initiates the state change (i.e. physically turning on the dimmer at the dimmer, turning on via Alexa voice control, or via the dashboard tile . . . dashboard tile works but with the “sending” icon problem). I thought (perhaps mistakenly) that the telnet protocol was supposed to enable two-way communication between the Lutron Hub and HE. Thanks for any help you can provide.

You were not mistaken. Hubitat’s Lutron integration is full two-way. If if manually activate any Lutron switch or dimmer, the change is immediately reflected in Hubitat for that specific “Device”.

To help isolate the issue, please simply ignore the Dashboard for now. Instead, open the device details page for one of your Hubitat Lutron switches or dimmers. With that page open, use Hubitat to turn on and then off the device. Does the “switch” attribute on that page update accordingly? Try then manually turning the light on and off at the physical switch. Does the “switch” attribute on the Hubitat Device page properly update?

Until the above works properly, there is no reason to troubleshoot the dashboard app.


As usual you have bailed me out again, thanks! After checking the “switch’ attribute on the device, it turned out it was not syncing. This led me to re-examine the device configuration codes in the Lutron Integrator child app. For some reason, the dimmers that were not updating were missing from the configuration code list. Once I manually typed the missing configuration codes into the list, ALL IS Good! As always, thank you again. This community is the best!