Help Setting up alarm buttons in dashboard?

I’m new to hubitat, I have some door sensors and motion sensors and I want to setup in my hubitat dashboard with 3 buttons - full alarm on, full alarm off, and a nighttime mode where just the door sensors are on and not the motion.

I can see I can set this up in the hubitat safety monitor settings, but is that all I need to do, as that doesn’t seem to give me the three buttons on my dashboard? or do I need to setup the three virtual buttons and then link them somehow to the safety monitor settings? Tried watching YouTube videos about it but none clearly show the setup I’m after.

Of the available options, two things that you could do are:

  1. Setup a HSM button on the screen, and use it to arm/disarm:

Will add this button:

Pressing the button will bring up:

  1. The other option would be to associate buttons to the alarm and go through the same process (1, 2 & 3 above) except that you would choose the button from the left screen (Pick A Device) and chose “Button” from the “Pick a template” area.
    Before doing this though, you would need to add the button to a dashboard from the “Dashboard” area of the Hubitat main screen.

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