Help setting a lights' system

Hi guys,
I'm getting used to Hubitat now and want to implement a light system to my living room and keep it under Zigbee protocol.
I have the following :

1 - main light
2 - led strips on two shelves (not RGB)
3 - downlights under the shelves
4 - some wall light fixtures
5 - some spotlights on the ceiling

What I want is to set some scenes (to control lwhat is on and off and it's intensity/dimerization) and activate/deactivate them by pushing buttons on the wall.
I also want to control lights intensity physically by having switches on the wall, don't want to use a mobile all the time, this way allowing other people to set light as they like as well.

I've already ordered these switches :

#Aliexpress R$ 79,42 19%OFF | Tuya(Smart Life) Zigbee remote control Smart Switch touch Switch compatiable with Alexa and Google home for smart home

Some of this buttons :

#Aliexpress R$ 36,15 60%OFF | Konke ZigBee 3.0 Open Protocol Smart Home Wireless Switch Remote Intelligent Application Home Security APP Control

Some of this dimmer :

#Aliexpress R$ 79,92 30%OFF | Smart ZigBee 3.0 Light Controller dimmer DIY Smart Home Modified Switch With Echo Plus Alexa SmartThings Remote Control App

But I can't figure out what else I need to physically dimmerize the lights in addition to virtual controlling and how to set it.

Sorry for being so long.
Can anyone help me with that ?

PS1: once I get it working I'll add voice command, but one step at a time.

PS2 : Xiaomi opple multi (six) button would be perfect to work with scene in my case, I'll be waiting for it's driver.

Thanks guys

So you don't know what you're doing or have any idea of where to even start but you went ahead and bought a bunch of "stuff" that likely will be in the junk drawer in 30 days because it won't work with HE or work correctly in your "vision" of things.

You bought a bunch of "remote controls" so what are you going to "control" with them? Do they even interface with what you want to control?

I'm sure you're either insulted or angry by my response and I would be too if I spent a lot of money and someone told me it's likely a waste.

This is why the vast majority of DIY home automation ends in failure or it ends in higher cost than a professional system. You will spend far more money in trial-error as you search for products to hack together to meet your "vision". There's lots of people on the forum that have years of experience and spent lots of money doing this. It's advised that you do a lot of reading/research and ask lots of questions before going out and buying a bunch of junk that isn't going to do what you actually want.

Or you hire someone to design the system and provide a pick list and you can then go buy the stuff and DIY assembly/setup/programming which in the end will also be cheaper than trial-error.

Highly recommend you check out the Hubitat list of compatible devices:

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Thanks for replying @jeubanks,

Actually, except for the dimmer, I already have those devices, like the zigbee wall switches, and they all work great with hubitat.
They are not junk and will not be in a drawer in 30 days I'm sure.
I have lots of stuff I want to automate at home, so I'm buying devices bit by bit.
I'm neither insulted nor angry by your response, even though it was not useful at all.

Thanks @aaiyar,

I've already read that, but as I live in Brazil I'm basically limited to devices I find on AliExpress, as custom taxes + shipping costs from US are prohibitive.

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Well that's a positive thing to read then.

As long as they are working to meet your current needs. Did you consider future past Hubitat?

This is how most do it. This stuff isn't cheap however it's best to use devices at least from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility or at least hope for it as even devices from the same manufacturer often are not compatible which is just stupid.

Well I'm glad you're not insulted but it is useful as a eye opener as you started off wit the tone of being completely "new" to this and just went and bought "stuff" with no direction. If that was the case as your post implied I think it would have been useful.

Good that you read the compatible device list. Even though you should still ask on the forum as some people have mixed results with devices even though they are on the list......

Yeah taxes and shipping is rough from the US.

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