Help - Rule Activating Outside "between sunset and sunrise" command

I've setup a rule to turn on the outside lights when the door is opened (via contact sensor), if the time is between sunset and sunrise. However, the lights go on even if it's not between sunset and sunrise. For example at lunch time I opened the door and the light came on. I made sure my timezone is correct and I rebooted the box. I opened the logs and can confirm the time is correct. The rest of the rule is working as expected. Thoughts?

You have conditions defined but you don't have them in use. They are available for use but to actually use them or honor them your actions need to be conditional actions. If you look around you can find some examples of these easily enough. Just having them defined and available for use is not enough. For example, you will eventually end up with something like this.

if (condition1 and condition2) 
    delay 5 off
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Thank you! I realized where I went wrong thanks to your post. I wasn't applying the condition first. I've set it up and will test tomorrow.

Maybe post a copy of your new rule, so we can advise.