Help - Random Light On

Fairly new to HE, so it may be me or my config, but I can't figure out why there is a random (2 occurrence) of a light on, when it should be off on the most basic set-up.

Simple Rule Automation for Pantry Light :
Light Switch Zooz Zen71 turns on when Door Sensor Zooz ZSE41, opens and turns off when closed. This works fine 99% of the time, but again this morning wake up and light is on, with door closed.

Attached log of this incident and rule if you can offer any perspective would be appreciated.

1-09 8:21:06 Sensor Opens and light turns on
1-09 8:21;17 Sensor Closes but light turns on
Also, any reason there are multiple repeated entries for these devices around this time period?

You might try turning logging on for the rule itself...

If you look at dev 98 in the devices tab, it should give you a list of what rules/apps use the device. What does it show?

In terms of the multiple commands to the device... one explanation is that something else (another rule or app) is also sending commands to the device. I'm not sure if a zwave mesh issue would exhibit itself quite that way, but it might be a good idea to take a look at your zwave details page for anything amiss. It could also be an issue with whatever driver you're using.

I would get random 'Your Garage door is open' due to a contact sensor battery getting low... My info and monitoring said it was at 50% so it wasn't flagging in Device Watchdog but... it was lying. a new battery solved me on that one. Is that possibly a potential source of the problem?


1st at the bottom of the device page look at the "in use by section" Are there any other rules attached to this light?

2nd Check battery (never ever go by what is being reported by the device. It will 100% all the time be useless and inaccurate)

3rd. If you have alexa, turn off hunches. (Too many people have been bit by this)

4th Any ghosts present in your z-wave details page?

Have you ever seen a zwave mesh issue cause a problem like this? The odd part is the events are so close together and there are so many of them. Like one or two random things, yeah, alexa hunches would make sense. Or another rule. But a stream of them 10ths of seconds apart? I was wondering about batteries too but the switch is hard-wired.

I updated my answer. Wonder if there could be a ghost in the mix? Commands repeating and what not?

Yeah that was what I was thinking. I just didn't know if those would show up in the device log or if retries/etc happened behind the scenes.

Thanks to all of you for the responses and things to check.
Here is an update.

  • Not using any Alexa or other voice integrations.
  • Checked Settings, Z-Wave Details and don't see any ghost nodes (at least I don't think so)
  • Device is only a month old so hope battery would still be good. How do you check level if reporting is not correct? On Device detail page it shows as 100%

The device is in use by:
I just started playing with HSM, and used it to report on status of battery level - could that be causing it? While on the topic, what is the best way to monitor battery level?

Here is the HSM battery monitoring rule:

I turned on logging on both devices and the rule. Here is a current log with open/closing the door twice. Each time the light turned on/off as it should.

Looks from the logs like the simple automation rule is functioning correctly. Dashboards shouldnt be an issue... not sure about HSM, I've never tried using it for battery reporting. But correct me if I'm wrong - the device showing the multiple entries is actually a line-powewred switch? Or did I get that wrong?

If you don't mind, throw up a snapshot of your zwave details page.

Yes, Device 98 is a line powered switch.

Here is Z-wave Details page. I'm still trying to learn what all this means but here are some questions I have in general about this:

  1. I don't see any ghost nodes - item with an id but not labeled - correct?
  2. Some devices said not to use the S2 security settings to get them to join - do I need to go back and adjust any of these?
  3. Should I be concerned at item 29, since its only at 9.6KBS?
  4. Odd thing about 29, is it is only 4 feet from repeater ID15, but 15 is not in its path. Should I try to repair it? Have not tested a lot but so far no issues with it, so have left alone.
  5. I've not added any devices in over a week so would think mesh would be stable by now???

Sorry - here is Z-wave details

99% positive it is the Zooz switch. I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. My Zen77 dimmer kept sending button 1 pressed every 1 minute until I physically pressed on the dimmer. I hit configure on the device page afterwards and it hasn’t done this since. The events actually showed up on the device events page as physical button presses, which was even stranger.

Hmmm. A couple of your devices have a lot of reroutes and your pantry light in particular has a pretty long response time.

It's interesting that your aeotec repeaters have no routes... mine definitely show routes. Of course I don't see any of your other devices using them as repeaters so that may be a non-issue.

Looks like @Ken_Fraleigh has a lead for you. If that doesn't work I wonder if excluding and re-including it would help?

Interesting. I have the exact same setup on my laundry (same devices and same rule) installed on same day, and physically 3 ft from each other. I captured logs opening/closing laundry twice then pantry twice. There were a few repeat events, Not really conclusive, but response seemed slow.

I hit the configure on the device page for both Zen71 switches (Laundry and Pantry) as you suggested. Ran the test again, and now the lights don't work at all. Getting very strange sensor reporting so must be the battery ??? Will contact Zooz to get their POV as these have only been in < 1 month.

Your repeaters are ghosted (no routes) Remove them, reset them then re pair them to HE. Make sure there is a route. For giggles, I would re pair your zooz stuff with no security as well. The only thing that should be paired with security are locks and garage door devices. Also you should do your platform update. is the most stable


Thanks - will give that a try tomorrow.

Forgive the noob question. I see there is no route data in the route column for the repeaters, but then why do the repeaters show up in the route string for other devices?

Therein lies the problem. That shouldn't be.

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They need paired properly. ALL devices should have a route.... If not it will cause problems everywhere.

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Thanks again to all!

  • Hub has been updated.
  • Ghost devices removed and re-added
  • Mesh is looking good
  • Will let things settle overnight
  • Get new batteries and re-test.

I've read and re-read the docs on setting up mesh, the threads on ghost devices, etc.
Do any of you have or can provide a link to explain the Z-Wave Details page . . .a brief summary of what it is telling you and more importantly what you should take action on. I.E. When you see Refresh / Repair buttons - should you take action and what. If the communication speed is <40KBS should you repair, etc.
For lot's of us newbies, its a case of what you don't know what it is telling you and whether it is ok or not.