Help programming a repeat

In RM, I have a trigger, and when that trigger occurs, I want an action to run 10 times, with the same interval between each. Is this not possible or am I just not figuring it out or am I not understanding the HE language?

I initial copied and pasted my action 9 more times and just put a delay on each, but this means if I need to edit the action, I have to edit 10 lines. I would like to use the HE repeat function to make editing the action more efficient.

However, when I select repeat, all I get is "Repeat n times every x minutes."
I want a rule that says Repeat once every x minutes, for a total of n times, then stop.

How do I do this? Or does the "Repeat n times every x minutes" with an "END-REP" after it a poorly worded version of exactly what I am trying to accomplish?

This sounds like exactly what you want.

See here for more: Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation

Thanks. I read that and did not think I had the correct rule because of the way it is worded...
I was almost going to quote that section on repeats, but deleted it to shorten my post....

Will find out tomorrow if it works.....


For clarity for others reading this:
In RM, in Actions, if you want a repeat, you enter the repeat BEFORE the action, then end after the action. So in the Actions to Run section, it goes like this:

Repeat n times every D:HH:MM:SS
Define Action

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