Help Pella Insynctive Zwave Bridge

I am a defector from Wink, but looking for some help with my Pella Shades. I was an early adopter to Pella room side Insynctive shades, and they work great with Wink but would love to get them set up on Hubitat. I can get the Pella Insynctive Zwave Bridge setup on Hubitat, but when I try and add a shade through the inclusion process, it will not get added. I understand it is not a supported device but was hoping because it was Zwave, it would still be able to get setup.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

If the shades are Zwave, they should be able to be directly added without a bridge.

There is a generic shade driver in Hubitat, but I don't know if it will work, I am not that familiar with shades in general or this specific product.

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I'm a little confused about this.

I thought the shades had to be paired directly with the z-wave controller. The bridge (which uses some protocol at ~433 MHz and not z-wave) permits Pella remote controls to control the shades.

Like at @neonturbo, I think you need to pair the shades directly with Hubitat.

Pella doesn't have much that I can see on their site. I am just guessing here...

Found the guide for their bridge and the shades.

Looks like the bridge, remote and shades support 433MHz.

The shades also support Z-wave and must be paired separately with the z-wave controller

Better google-fu than me. :grin:

I don't think the bridge would do much if anything in Hubitat, except maybe act as a repeater.

I appreciate the quick responses. So what you saying it that I should be able to link each shade directly into Hubitat? using the generic zWave shade driver? I don't need the Bridge?


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I would say yes, that is what you should try.

They might come through as "device" which is a generic thing when Hubitat doesn't know what the device is, or can't identify it. If that happens, try the generic shade driver.

@bill8 did you get this working. Be interesting to know as I really like the in-glass blinds on the Pella sliding doors.

If they could be automated in Hubitat that might be just the nudge I need to get that upgrade done. :grinning:

I just found this so not very promising. However it has Wink on the list of non compatible hubs and you got it working so there is some hope.

It used to say compatible with wink. Not sure when or why they took it away.

I also have a pella insycntive bridge using wink but want to switch over to hubitat. it's the last thing keeping me with wink.

That and the fact that the hubitat have been sold out for several months.

@chris10 @guacamole I recall seeing integrations posted on the ST community when I used to use that hub. I just searched and found a few hits and this one that mentions there is a telnet connection with the Pella hub. I don’t have the Pella hub or blinds so maybe this will help get you going. Many ST device handlers and apps can be ported over.

I've just added a driver for the Pella Insynctive Bridge, using Hubitat's built-in telnet capabilities. The code is available here:


I think the first generation Pella Bridge (which plugged directly into an outlet and supported a backup battery and had its ethernet connection on the side) includes the z-wave capability for Wink and possibly other hubs. The 2nd gen Bridge has a USB input and ethernet connection on the back and its specifications don't say anything about having 900MHz radio inside.

Did the blinds pair with Hubitat?

I am trying to get the blinds to pairs with the new driver, but I am unable to find the IP address of the bridge. I've connected to my network via ethernet, but trying to troubleshoot why I can't get it on my network.

Thanks for coding the driver. I've been trying to get it set up the last couple of days. I am having trouble with the IP Address. I have the bridge plugged into my network, but I do not see it on the network, unsure if I am missing something. I was doing some research and see that I have 1st Gen Bridge and wonder if that has something to do with it. Any suggestions?

I suppose it depends on your router, there should be a place to see what devices are connected and their IP address. I don't believe the Pella Bridge provides a device name to the network so you'd have to figure it out from what all devices you have connected on your network.

This is great. Thank you.