Help on Cancel Actions

Apologies for asking for help on a common topic, but this aspect is so hard for me to wrap my brain around for some reason.

Since SimpliSafe won't allow integration other than arming via Alexa, etc. I have setup a virtual lock (SimpliSafe Alarm) in hubitat and then use a tablet, pushover, and Tasker to synchronize and leverage Autoinput on the tasker/tablet to 'push' the alarm mode or disarm.

My cancelling action I'm trying to figure out, is that if the actions fail, I want to get a pushover notification to my wife and I's mobile that the alarm either did NOT arm/disarm as desired so that we know to manually do so.

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Can an alexa routine trigger to arm or disarm the alarm system? If so, why not just use an alexa routine to arm it triggered by a virtual switch that is exposed to Alexa? Also is there an option to trigger a routine wtih simplisafe being armed or disarmed, then you can have another virtual switch linked up to an RM rule that will trigger it to send you confirmations.

Doesn't SimpliSafe offer an IFTTT integration?
A: Not exactly, but see

Am a fan of their service generally, but not a subscriber so could not test directly. IF SimpliSafe had an IFTTT integration, you'd be able to cobble something together with fewer shoestrings . . . sadly, it looks unlikely you can go that route.

What is the event that tells you it did/didn't arm? One technique I use in a lot of rules is:

  • Do X
  • Do Y (delayed 30 seconds, cancellable)
  • Wait for X to succeed
  • Cancel delayed actions

If thing succeeds before the 30-second delay, Y never happens; if the 30 seconds passes, Y happens automatically.

thanks - you're simplified explanation I think made it finally click for me, much thanks!!

I tested and going with a 15 second delay for now, but might need adjustments as we validate in real life.. Long story short the goal is mostly to be made aware of it not disarming when we get home etc so us or the kids don't set it off ourselves so it needs to be fast enough to beat us to the door ha!

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