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@bravenel Could you help with a RM4 question please? I would like to add a timeout to the rule below so if the front door does not open after 15 minutes the rule would stop waiting? I'm just not seeing how to do this. As it is right now it would wait forever and then turn on when the next time the front door opens. Thanks for any help.

You can add a timeout to a Wait for Event action. Just edit the action. There's a "timeout" switch at the bottom. Turn it on and you'll be able to enter however long you want the timeout to be.

As per previous post, here's how it would look.

@jabecker @bobbles Would that cause the rule to stop altogether, which is what I would like, or will it just stop waiting and turn on the light?

It will stop waiting and turn on the light. If you only want the light to turn on if the door opens, you could do something like this:

  Presence sensors

IF (Time between... ) THEN
   IF (Dimmer is off) THEN
      Wait for events: Door open --> timeout: 0:15:00
      IF Door open
         Dim: Dimmer: 100

There's also an action "Exit Rule" that will exit the rule without performing any further actions. You'd still need to have some sort of test to make sure it was exiting only when you wanted it to.

Thanks @jabecker, I think this is what I was looking for but just wasn't able to visualize it for some reason.

No problem! Glad I could help. Hope you get it working the way you want. But, if not, feel free to come back and ask more questions. Really helpful people in this forum.

Agreed on the helpful people. I've had my Hubitat since last November and really like it. Had ST before and it was always an issue with the cloud.

Me too! And I think we are not alone. :wink:

In my rule it will wait for 15 minutes. If the door doesn't open in that 15 minute window nothing will happen after the timer has expired. It just starts a 15 minute window/timer for the action chosen to happen.

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