Help! Not booting up

I just moved to a new house. I plugged in Hubitat C7. I THOUGHT that location had working ethernet...but later i discovered to my dismay that the ethernet was not working on that spot. But by now Hubitat had booted up. I tried till a long time, but could not get ethernet working.

Unfortunately, ultimately I had to plug the Hubitat out :frowning:
Now I moved the device to a different location, with working Ethernet. I turned on Hubitat, but it is now stuck at the below screen:


Can you get to the Diagnostic Tools menu?

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yes, i can..should i try rebooting from there?

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You probably have to do a soft reset from that menu, followed by a database restore.

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did soft reset... I think I am back up now, and can see my apps and devices. I notice that my Hubigraph dashboards are no longer working. Anybody knows what I need to reset there to make it work again, post a soft reset?

This makes me think, Hubitat device should really have a hardware button to initiate a safe shutdown. In my case today, there was no internet near the device, and I had no option but to pull out the power cord :frowning:

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