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Hello community

I have physically installed 12 dimmers and 13 switches all vesternet I am now trying to add them to the hubitat c8 hub. I have no idea how to do this, I go to add devices search for vesternet and all I find is button controller. When I search in dimmer or switches nothing comes up for vesternet. If anyone knows how I can add them please help


I don't see Vesternet Dimmers or Switches in the Compatible Devices list, nor do I find community drivers popping to the top of a search.

This suggests you will need to Join them manually using:

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 12.41.01 PM

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 12.41.09 PM

If they Join and have a Device driver type, you'll have to manually change that to one of the Generic ZWave Dimmer (or Switch) drivers.

Depending on the protocol they use, Zigbee or Z-Wave, they should work with generic drivers. I would reach out to Vesternet support to see if they can recommend a driver that they may have tested and know it works best with Hubitat Elevation. Our engineers have not tested most of their devices. You may want to check the following document for all devices that we have tested:

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Hey so I did a factory reset one at a time, the hub doesn’t seem to pick them up

Have you worked out what protocol the devices use? You will need to know this when attempting to pair them, I would think.

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Hello Simon yes Z wave right it’s what all the switches and dimmers say

Still doesn’t connect

Ok, then you will at least need to select that when pairing with HE, but beyond that I can't be of too much more help, I don't have any Z-Wave devices

Thanks I try that but it still doesn’t connect just to confirm I am doing this right

All the switches and dimmers are wired up. I have the c8 set up I go to add device go to Z wave and search

I am going a re set one by one. Not sure if I am missing something


While Z-Wave isn't something I am used to, there is normally something you need to do on a ZigBee device to put it in pairing mode. Not sure about Z-Wave. Probably best to look up the manual for your devices about how to pair them.

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It won't 'pick them up' unless you put them in pairing mode. It sounds as though you're expecting the Hubitat to find the new devices automatically? It won't.

You'll first start inclusion on the hub:

Devices > Add Device > Add Device Manually (Z Wave) > Start Z Wave Inclusion

A countdown timer will commence. Within that 100 second period you'll need to initiate inclusion on the device. Usually that'll be a button that you press three times quickly. That should add the device and select the correct driver (probably generic dimmer). You want to start with the one that's closest to the hub.

Once you've done the first, repeat the process for the rest working from the nearest to the farthest from the hub.

It will all be detailed in the Vesternet module manual so I'd be reading that before attempting anything if you're unfamiliar with the process. As Vesternet guarantee compatibility between their products and Hubitat they should support you if the module isn't compatible/doesn't select a driver that works.

PS There's loads of information on this forum and be sure to click that link marked 'Documentation' as it's easy to navigate and covers pretty much everything.


There's a button on the module you need to press three times after putting Hubitat into pairing mode as @johnwill1 explained. The manuals show which button to press:


In case those are not the exact models, the full manual page is here.


Thank you guys so much let me try this and see if it works