Help needed setting up Sunrise and Sunset routines




Migrating from ST and Stringify to Hubitat, and have difficulties setting up my routines. Perhaps someone would be so kind and help me navigate these new waters.

Here is my Stringify flow I want to transfer to rule machine:

Sunset Lights ON:
Trigger:Sunset -30 --> Office 15%, Bedroom %20, Bar 80% (Hue lights, color orange), Porch %100 (Hue lights, color orange), Hallway %60 (Hue light, color red), Dining Room %90 (Hue light, color red) --> Start 2hr timer --> Office 5%, Bedroom 5%, Bar %60, Porch 80%, Dining Room %80

Lights OFF at Sunrise:
Trigger: Sunrise +30 --> all the lights OFF, some with fade off.

So with these 2 flows in Stringify all of my lights come on on Sunset, then adjust the brightness after couple hours and then everything turns off at Sunrise. I am having difficulties finding the way how to turn on different switches and bulbs to different brightness levels and colors within 1 rule. It's hard to believe that I have to create a new rule for every light that I want to turn on at a different brightness/color. Also no idea how to make individual lights adjust after certain time (timer) withing those rules.

I guess it boils down to be able to add additional actions of the same type in the same rule.



You could do this with Scenes. Create one for Sunset, Sunset and Timer Fade. You would then have two separate triggers for those. Then create a third rule specific for the timed fade on the three lights. You may have to do a couple of extra ones for specific fade times. In comparison to Stringify (I use to use that when I had a WINK system), it's a lot easier. I liked Stringify, but I would get so frustrated at spending hours linking and unlinking things to get a proper sequence.


I was doing something similar with Stringify and Hue lights to simulate sunset. I would set all lights to yellow and then do a 30 minute fade to red, which faded the lights thru orange. I then had another timer that faded the red off over 30 minutes.

I am trying how to figure out to replicate that in RM. Any suggestions would be great!


Off the top of my head I'm thinking Scenes with individual timers in the actions. RM 3.0 now gives a LOT of abilities to sequence things like WC and Stringify.