Help moving hue bulbs from hue bridge to hubitat

Hi -- I just purchased this thing as a replacement for an old v1 hue bridge. I am trying to migrate the lights and dimmer switches over, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the lights to connect. I delete them from the hue app no problem, but I can't then connect to them via Zigbee in the hubitat dashboard. I've tried resetting them with a dimmer switch (which seems to work, but does not help them connect). I tried switching them off and on again. The hue app/bridge can locate and find them again no problem, so it doesn't seem like it's a problem with the lights. I was able to add a dimmer switch to the hubitat without issue. But the bulbs just aren't connecting. They are LTC001, I don't remember what they were branded under as I bought them a long time ago.

Whatโ€™s wrong with leaving the bulbs on the v1 Hue bridge, and just integrating the bridge to Hubitat via the built-in Hue integration, or a community integration?

Well I purchased it specifically to get rid of the old bridge, so that would be my main objection. The original motivator is that I purchased v2 dimmer switch which turns out to be incompatible with the v1 hue bridge. I also wanted to get off the "hue-only" ecosystem as I hate their app. My assumption was that the hubitat could control hue bulbs as it seems to advertise this capability.

It can. However, you should be aware that older bulbs don't have sufficient memory to work well as routers in a zigbee mesh, causing end devices (like battery-powered sensors) to fall off the mesh. So a lot of people prefer to leave Hue bulbs on the Hue bridge, or on a separate Hubitat hub.


Fair enough, that is good info. However at the moment I just have the bulbs and switches.

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