Help me understand why my light turned on randomly at why/if amazon's involved

At 3am a couple of nights ago the side light in my bedroom came on and I can't figure out why. Here's what is in the events log:

I don't understand why the amazon echo skill is a triggered app because this light isn't used in any amazon routines. I have shared it to amazon for voice control though.

Can anyone help.... shed some light... on this please? (sorry not sorry for pun)

Do you have Alexa Hunches enabled? (It is by default)

Alexa app > more > Settings > Hunches


Triggered just means that the app has a subscription to that event, not necessarily becsuse it actually did anything (though with most other apps, that's probably why it would have one; the Amazon Echo Skill just does so Alexa can see the new state, though if you're doing more beyond that, it doesn't have a way to know).

If you're on 2.3.3 and the command came from Hubitat, you should see entries on this page that start with "command," like "command-on" or "command-setLevel." That would tell you what Hubitat app sent the command. If you don't see those, it probably came from somewhere outside Hubitat. Alexa Hunches, maybe? But if the device is only integrated to Alexa through Hubitat, you should see this command there. If it has a direct integration outside Hubitat, that could still be it--or anything else using that system.

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What is the make/model of this light device?

Some bulbs will return to an on state if there is a loss of power

Thanks - I followed those steps but there is no hunches option for me. I wonder if it's not available in UK?

It's a shelly dimmer. I have the 'power on' setting to restore the original state which should have been off. Perhaps it was this that caused the issue and it didn't know what the previous state was..

This is really helpful thanks for clarifying. I have all my devices in alexa being commanded directly by hubitat and not from alexa.

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