Help me understand how to read how Z-wave mesh is working

So , im just curious. I understand how the Z-Wave mesh works in theory, but I am not sure how to understand what my devices are doing.

My understanding is 0x5E is secure.. from there on.. no clue.. for example my hallway one dimmer 020 (14) what is it doing, what are all the other number

And why do only my battery operated devices seem to have an "Out"

id like to visualize what device is perhaps repeating?

just my curiousity. I am having almost no issues, but it would be nice in the future to understand so if I do.

thanks !

0x5E is zwave plus

020 (14) is the node id in integer and hex form

The important functionality is described in the clusters, which translates to z-wave classes

I don’t think you will get that from this information

If you want information on all the z-wave classes:

Since I usually have the class hex ID.. I find it easy to search this page eg β€œ0x5E” search will jump you right to the zwave plus info v2

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It can't hurt to learn more about z-wave, but understanding the command classes and which ones each device supports won't help with troubleshooting issues.

All of that stuff is handled by the driver so if a device suddenly stops working or becomes unreliable and no changes were made to the driver then it's most likely a mesh issue somewhere between the device and the hub.

If a z-wave repair doesn't solve the issue then the only way you can really troubleshoot the problem without removing devices is to watch the traffic with a z-wave sniffer or use a z-stick as a secondary controller and use software that allows you to view the network health.

Both of those have nothing to do with the specific command classes because the issue will be affecting all messages being sent back and forth between the hub and device.

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