Help me understand how some of the dashboard settings work

I have a few things I need clarification on....

What is the purpose of the selectable setting for the refresh time?

What exactly does it refresh? I have noticed that if I have a dashboard pulled up on my phone and I do a simple edit to it the same dashboard pulled up on my laptop never changes till I manually refresh it.

I just feel like I don't have a solid understanding of this and would really appreciate help.

I've never really looked into this.... Just set it to 10 seconds and forgot about it...

Initially I would have said the device updates should come through as they happen, so some kind of subscription to changes in the device, like you might expect for a rule with a trigger linked to the device. It would then follow that the refresh setting could relate to updates to the layout.

That certainly hasn't been my experience when I have made changes on my laptop and then looked at my tablet. So I can only expect the refresh period you set is the device refresh, for changes that occur outside of direct interaction with a device tile on the dashboard itself. Obviously some testing or input from those in the know is still required....

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Interesting. I still wonder what the intentions behind having it configurable are. Is there any change in system load related to time settings perhaps? Would be nice to see if staff chime in here. Again, not any kind of problem. Just curiousity really

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Something else that is related and that I have actually had issues with lately.

The green check/red exclamation in the corner. I am sitting in the living room right now and I have a clear view of the tablet. I could see that the exclamation point is present. Apparently this means that it lost connection. However, there are several things that happened during this:

Hot tub temperature changed and the attribute on the dashboard reflected that.

A switch that is used in a animal feeding schedule changed on schedule and visually displayed correctly.

A mode display tile also correctly updated into Evening mode.

During all of this the indicator for lost connection was displayed. There must be something I am not understanding because this doesn't seem logical to me. @gopher.ny can you shine some knowledge on this?

This is starting to tie in.....

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