Help me tweak my HSM setup

I'm sharing some HSM setups I'm in the infant stage with. so far this is what I've done and I would like to get some thoughts on if you guys think my setup is correct base on my written description. I've been working on this for about a week and I want to make sure I'm not making myself think my set is right just because I'm tired of working on it

  1. If after 11pm and the house is armed and the basement sensor active, a chime will beep for 15 sec and stop. "This is just to let anyone in the house know that it's armed and motion in the basement is active.

  2. Mon, Tue, Thurs if time is 9am and HSM is not armed then arm. Do you think what I wrote here should work?

  3. If the house is armed and the door lock is unlocked present sensor is home, then disarm

I may drop this one, I'm not sure if I want the auto to disarm, but if I keep it I will switch the presence to an either-or command vs both have to be present

.4. If the house is armed away and the front door sensor is active and or front door unlocks by code make siren beep for 10 sec " I want this to be a reminder to whoever comes in to turn the alarm off before it triggers"

I would love to see some HSM setups to get ideas of other things I can do

By the time the system is armed home, your arming delay is over. So, if motion is detected, the alarm is going to go off. What you want to trigger is based on armed-home-delayed. And then put a delay in arm-home to allow that to work.

Also, a chile doesn't last for 10 seconds. they are just bells. This rule will not repeat the chime over and over.

Also, you want to set the volume before you make the chime noise, otherwise you are adjusting it after it already playing.

Your rule also has no "end-if"...which it should to be complete.

No, i would change the condition to ALL being away. Otherwise if one person is home and the other isn't, it will still arm away.

If the sensor is home, that should be enough to disarm.

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Thank you, I can make those adjustments, but to clarify, which was my mistake for leaving it out. the motion sensor I'm using for it to chime when motion is sensed, that particular motion sensor is not listed in the group of motion sensors that could be triggered to send alarm. I couldn't get the concept of the end if, but now that you said it, I understand how to use it.

As for the sensor should be enough to disarm, that i'm aware of, I wanted to create a fail safe, in case my presence sensor got lost or stolen, so if stolen it wouldn't be enough for the system to disarm, but need a 2nd confirmation, so the door has to be unlock with a code and the sensor have to be present. if 1 happen without the other then I want the alarm to get trigger.

You're trying to chime when motion is sensed? Isn't that HSM's job? None of the triggers of any of your rules include anything about motion sensors. What are you actually trying to accomplish?

When I had a traditional alarm, sometimes those in my house and sometimes myself, didn't realize it was set by some in the house, so where the motion was in he basemen tend to trigger the alarm. The motion sensor I want chimed is on the top of my step towards in my basement, so before they get to the bottom motion to set it off. they will get a reminder that the alarm in on and the basement motion is active, so whoever goes into the basement will know to disarm the alarm because the chime reminded them.

I don't think that rule was one of the ones you posted originally. Which one was that? And just to clarify, motion sensors don't chime. :slight_smile:

Why don't we focus on the rules you have posted and try and work through those? Can you go through the other comments I made about the other rules that you posted?

@Ryan780, I took your advice and made some modifications by adding the END IF's.

You mention motion don't have a chime and yes I know, but I do have Aeotoc 6 chime, so again for this RM. When Home is armed, I have 2 sensors in my basement, there's 1 on top of my steps to turn my basement lights on but also if it's after 11, and motion is detected while armed, to have the chime trigger which is a reminder for anyone heading into the basement that the basement motion sensor that covers the rest of the basement is on.


I want this to Auto arm if I forgot to do it manually, I set up a and or because I read of users saying that sometimes the smartthing presence sensor doesn't always or so if it can't detect that, then it will look for my cell phone not be present, but also to delay it or 10 so I can get the text in time just in case I had to run out for a minute but will be back in less than 10 mins

I'm still thinking of dropping this 1, but I still want to make sure it's set up right if I kept it

I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish. None of your rules are triggered by motion. They are triggered by the status of HSM.

Motion sensors are not typically used when people are home. They are usually only used when the system is away. If people are home and going to be moving the space, why bother arming the motion sensors.

If you are trying to trigger a chime based on the motion sensor going active, then THAT has to be the trigger for your rule. NOT HSM status. HSM status only changes when it is armed/disarmed. You would have the HSM status as a condition for the rule.

I would recommend doing more investigation of how RM works and do some more reading here on the forum before trying to tackle this.