Help me figure this out please, MyQ garage and dog walker

So i have a dog walker. She comes Monday-Friday, between 2-5pm. So I have to be near my phone between 2-5 to open the garage when she calls, a huge pita. I want to somehow, only give her access m-f 2-5. I’ve gotten my garage in hubitat , which seems to be step one but then I’m stuck.

  1. MyQ garage opener through HomeKit
  2. I connected it to a virtual switch throu maker api

I now have a hubitat switch that opens and closes my garage.

From here, how would I give her limited access to that switch?

Thank you

The easiest way I can think of would be to buy a keypad (I think Iris ones can be had on eBay for cheap). Then, mount it somewhere near your garage door (outdoor enclosures are also cheap), hook it up to HE and give her a code to use and have a rule in RM that only allows that code to open the garage door M-F between 2:00-5:00.

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have her install life360 and add her to your group.
Then create a rule that open the garage door for her between those hours.
She may not like you knowing where she always is though.
you could also just buy a SmartThings Arrival sensor and give it to her and then create the same rule.
or have her connect to your wifi and assign a fixed ip to her phone on your router then create a WiFi presence device again with the same rule.

I have the chaimberlan keypad, won’t work?

Yup! It should work fine if it's connected to HE.

Can you connect those? Sorry, I don’t see how

Some how I wonder if I could use rm to generate a cord key that only work at certain times?

Hey, u think this would work, I just give her the cloud end point

That should work. Are you going to give her the URL as a bookmark?

I would have her add it as an iOS shortcut

I think keypad is best solution.

Waker can forget that fob home.
Waker probably don't wanna share 360 whereabouts.
If Walker is fired or dissapeared you just change code on keypad. Not demanding return of your equipment.