Help: led light strip turn on/off with tv connected to a power measuring switch

Help: led light strip turn on/off with tv connected to a power measuring switch. I can’t just use on and off on the smart switch as power always has to be on so I’m thinking have the light “follow” the switches power readings? 0 = off, more than 0= on? Thank you in advanced

Yeah, that seems to make sense. However, you might want something like >5 = on. Reason I say that is, modern tv's have vampire power. They pull a little at all times (like to keep the annoying red led that Samsung's have to say "I'm off!") Are you asking for help writing this rule, or are you just asking if your theory makes sense? If the latter, yes it makes sense.

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An issue you might face is the lag in power reporting i.e. turn TV on and it takes x seconds for power report then lights turn on.

Is this just a strip on a smart outlet, or is the strip “smart” ? I have a single Hue GU10 on the back of my TV that provides a soft and warm background light to reduce eye strain. I have it turn on/off via Harmony Hub.

If the lights are smart, a simple rule can trigger them if you do have an HE compatible power monitoring outlet. But if you don’t have a Harmony Hub, that’s one of the nicest ways to integrate AV into your home automation.

if your plug has power readings then use that. turn the TV on, let it sit for a minute, then look at the power readings. round that value down and use that for your trigger to enable the lights

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Thank you, I need help. After 6 months of rule machine I still don’t get it really, I spent two hours yesterday trying to write a contact sensor rule. I think it cuz of my injury, i always forget the step I’ve done before so multi step rules are really hard, lol

It’s a smart outlet. My tv is on a harmony hub, but the light strip is sylvania, so no harmony intergration

Your making me think. I wonder if I can make the hue bridge see a “dummy light”. Then just have the led follow that light in hubitat?

So this might be easier, if you have a harmony, use @ogiewon's Harmony integration to check when the "Watch TV" or whatever activit(ies) you have is on, and then turn on the lights. That's probably going to work a lot better than power monitoring, and it gives you the ability to be more selective, like maybe you want the backlighting for "watch a movie" but not "listen to Pandora" (both of which go through my TV since I use the FireTV for Pandora)


Thank you :pray:

Let me know if you need help with a rule like that too.

This is exactly what I use. Such a good driver.

Thank you, sir