Help in Re-Writing Legacy Rule to Latest Rule Machine Version

I have an old two part Rule that I have used for several years and that others on here helped me write. I would like to Re-Write to the new Rule Machine either into one Rule or two like this one., whichever will work best. The old rule has worked flawlessly for me. I know, why do I want to update it then. Well mainly to help me learn the newest version. The Rule allows our front door lock to unlock on presence of myself or the wife when we get home and open the exterior door. It will cancel after 5 minutes as a safety precaution. Thanks in advance to anyone that might help.



Basically you're gonna have to write it line for line in 5.1. There is no conversion program for it. Simply pause the existing rule, write the new one and when you're sure the new one is working, export the old one to your downloads folder than delete it on the hub.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough so I edited my post. I am seeking guidance in how to Re-Write the rule to 5.1.

Pretty much the same way you did it in 4, just do the exact same commands.

Yeah the only thing that looks like it might be different is the "Rule Boolean" I think is called private Boolean now. Same concept just might be named a little different.

Here's my suggestion for two rules

Auto Unlock Rule 1

Required Expression
Private Boolean is true

Trigger Events
Door Sensor-Front Glass open

Actions to Run
Unlock: Front  Door Lock
Set Private Boolean False

Auto Unlock Rule 2

Trigger Events
T, C any *changed*

Action to Run
IF (T, C any present) THEN
    Rule Boolean True: Auto Unlock Rule 1
    Wait for event: --> elapsed time: 0:05:00
Rule Boolean False: Auto Unlock Rule 1