Help for a new user trying to send text via HSM

Just getting familiar with Hubitat HSM and can't seem to find where I enter a text number as noted in the documentation:

"Next, add the phone number you wish to text using SMS format: +1<10 digits> (For example 1-555-867-5390 would be +1<5558675309>). You can add multiple number by separating them by a comma."

I tried entering "+1<619665xxxx> %device% triggered at %time%" as part of the message, but nothing comes through. Hints on what I'm missing?

If true SMS messaging is required, Hubitat natively supports Twilio for SMS. You’ll need to create a Twilio account.



Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.5 is now available


Changes from 2.1.4:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Retired SMS functionality.

Thanks, all. Will look into Pushover and Twilio. Just thought I'd try native Hubitat features first.

Will move on. Liking what I see so far -- lots of flexibility (and associated complexity), but I think this will do what I need more reliably that what I have. Standby for more questions....

Hubitat’s one true “all Hubitat” Notifications solution (i.e. no 3rd party required) is to use the Hubitat Mobile App to receive push notifications.

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I'm still confused. I set HSM alarm to notify me on my iPad, and also to a test light. The alarm turns on the test light, but I don't get any entries in the Notifications section in the App on the iPad. However, I do get entries in the Notifications section when a motion sensor trips, so I know that the iPad is correctly connected, etc.

Still missing something about how to get notifications on an iPad or iPhone that the alarm has been set. Need another hint.

What "Notifications" section? In the mobile app on the iPad? If so, it's sounds like maybe the Hubitat mobile app doesn't have notification permissions. You can verify that in iPadOS Settings > Notifications > Hubitat by verifying that "Allow Notifications" (and whatever options you want) are enabled.

Further, you can test that the notifications are actually working by going to the mobile app device for the iPad in the Hubitat admin UI ("Devices" on the left, then click/tap into your iPad device, whatever it may be called). Type something in the text box in the "Device Notification" box, then hit the "Device Notification" button itself to execute the command, which should send a notification. If this doesn't work, it won't matter what app (HSM, Rule Machine, etc.) tries--it won't work because the device itself doesn't work. In that case, you may need to re-associate the mobile app device with the mobile app itself, with the easiest way to do that probably being to sign out of and back into the Hubitat mobile app on the iPad. If it prompts you to re-use an existing mobile app device when logging back in, do that and choose your existing Hubitat iPad device.

Also, a quick note that I don't believe this is in the documentation anymore. If you do a search instead of using links in the wiki/docs themselves to navigate to new pages, you'll sometimes turn up old content (and as you saw above, built-in SMS was once included, though now there are other options). The "?" icon in the HSM app (or most built-in apps and many community apps) should take you directly to the docs as well without needing to find them yourself. They should probably work on removing or at least making non-public old pages like this--give people who actually do look for the docs an easier time. They deserve it. :smiley:

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Has the app been updated much since it launched? I tried the app when it launched with the two properties I own and at the time it was buggy and unreliable so I reverted back to pushover...

Yes. Most recent update was 2 months ago.

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I still use Pushover myself, as I prefer it’s richer feature set.

Great input. Have been reading the docs, community board posts, and the (perhaps slightly dated) YouTube videos and am definitely making progress. Got notifications working (missed a checkbox) but will leave Pushover for later. Listened to the Live event last night and am looking forward to 2.2.4.

Attempting to fully understand the many features before formally committing to Hubitat. Thanks, to all.

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