Help finding out what's turning things off at 1AM

Hello, I'm stuck trying to figure out what is going on with my Hubitat setup. I have been getting feedback from family that at 1AM local there are devices being turned off when they should be on. I go to the logs and can confirm they're being manipulated but I don't know by what. I checked all my rules, Alexa routines and HomeKit automations and cannot figure it out. Any advice guys/gals?

If you open the devices tab and select one of the devices that turns on, at the bottom it will tell you all the apps that use the device. Chances are, unless your house is built atop a native American burial ground, it is one of these. See example...

I you use the Alexa skill, or something equivalent, it could also be an Alexa routine manipulating the lights.

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Thanks @brad5, yes have been working through those and nothing is popping out as yet.

Was wondering if there was some sort of Hubitat master log I can check somehow because when I go to see logs, it just goes back so much on the HE website.

You mean the logging only goes back so far? One option is to turn off logging for everything but the devices in question and any other apps you think may be the culprit.

You can also check the Events tab but unfortunately the information there is somewhat limited.

Whether there is some "hidden" log that goes back farther I don't know. I know there are things that support can see that the average user cannot but whether they contain that sort of info I don't know.

Can you share a screenshot?

Have you looked at the scheduled events for the devices going off?

That "master log" is displayed in the "Past Logs" tab. However, chances are that if you use Maker API (for example) the logging is not enabled, therefore, nothing is showing in the Logs. Alexa Skill doesn't have event logging, although that might not be a bad idea to add, so I forwarded your inquiry to our engineers for future consideration.

If you are using Maker API, be sure to go into the app and enable logging:

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Another consideration if you're using Alexa: disable the Hunches feature in Amazon's Alexa app. It could be causing regular issues like this (by incorrectly guessing that this is something you wanted).


Yep this just happened to someone in ST snd things were turning off at 1AM because of Alexa Hunches:

I’ve made sure mine are off :joy:


Hi again @bobbyD, I did have the MakerAPI logging turned on and it just confirmed that the switches were turned off and then back on (digitally). I also checked the Homebridge logs on the server to see and couldn't see anything other than a consistent turning off of devices at 1AM.

@JohnRob I did look at my rules and simple automations, nothing that is supposed to go off at that time...

@bertabcd1234 @ ritchierich I will have to check my spouse's Alexa app but mine has the hunches turned off....dont need no machine interfering when I already have a spouse doing that already. lol!

@marktheknife I will tomorrow when I can get a screenshot at 1am!


There is a page for live logs, and also for past logs. How far back do your past logs go?

As of right now this is the last entry for time: 2021-07-09 13:03:02.511 ... not that long ago: 1hr 45ish

I go days with my old logs. I have nearly everything turned off, or at least everything that I am able to.

You can either go device by device, or you could use the built-in Preference Manager to turn off logging in bulk. Use the Preference Name option, and go through everything that has "logging" in the name. You can select multiple devices to change logging off all in one spot.


I'm not sure I was explicit enough. For every device there is a section for scheduled jobs.

Now I recall @bravenel explaining the scheduled jobs are created at midnight (I could have this wrong but this is how I remember it). So if your phantom action is actually scheduled by something it would show here.
You might want to just unplug Alexa.

No, this isn't the case. Jobs are scheduled usually when Done is hit in an app. Odds are in this case it's from something outside of the hub that's doing it, Might have to selectively disable external connected systems one by one (for the relevant time frame), to figure out which one is doing it. If it is coming from inside the hub, then there's evidence.

The Logs page can be left open in a tab, and then scrolled back to anytime since it was opened, assuming the page stays connected to the hub. Then you would work backwards from a device event log entry, to the Logs, to see what happened just before the event. But, if what just happened isn't logging, there's no clue...

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So so when you hit "done" on Tuesday, when is Friday scheduled? (assuming once every day)

That depends on the type of schedule. For example, if you have something like Certain Time in RM, it sets up a recurring schedule that fires every day at the same time. In effect, the next day's schedule is set right after today's event. But that's all happening inside the scheduler -- no app is dealing with it,

The exception to this are things related to Sunrise and Sunset, since those change every day.

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It should also be noted that "Scheduled Jobs" on a device shows only things scheduled by the driver. For most drivers, this probably isn't much (but devices that need a periodic poll or refresh probably would do this--e.g., some weather devices, virtual switch/motion drivers with an "auto off/inactive" feature, etc.).

But it won't show you what apps may have scheduled, even when what the app is going to execute in response to that schedule involves the device. That is almost certainly what is happening rather than something originating in the device/driver itself (so "In use by" and digging into the apps is probably the best starting point, as you've already suggested). Apps can have scheduled jobs, too, but you won't really see this level of detail there (e.g., what device the scheduled job might manipulate--could be pretty much anything or no devices at all).

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Simple matter to examine each app that is In Use By the device in question, or to see in their Scheduled Jobs if 1:00 AM is there or not. The fly in this ointment is that you can't see outside systems, like Alexa, that could be throwing events into the hub.

If one changed the Hub time to +30 minutes. If the command was external the lights would go off at 1:00PM, if internal the lights would shift the off time.
Am I thinking of this correctly or do external commands somehow interact with the Hub?