Help discovering - Honeywell Z-wave Plus Plug Smart Switch

Hi, looking for help discovering my first Z-Wave device. The device is a Honeywell/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Plug see link below. Instructions state to follow instructions for your certified Z-Wave controller. Once the controller is ready then press and release the manual button to add it in the network.

I did this but nothing happens, HE just saying looking for the device with no result.

Also reset the Honeywell Plug still no results.

Plug is installed in the same room as my HE.

Any suggestions?

I've been adding a bunch of ge/jasco devices lately, and almost all of them have required that they be excluded right out of the box. Go to the Zwave settings page, click the exclude button and then click the switch. I always wait the 30 seconds then go back to the add device function, and start the find zwave and zigbee devices routine. Usually, the switch is found in a few seconds.


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Thanks! That seemed to work :slight_smile:

That is weird. I have literally added 200+ GE switches in the last 4 years, and have never had to exclude a new/out of the box device yet.

But hey, whatever works!!! It is easy enough to do in any case.

Glad to help!

200+ !? Wow. Can't say I have anywhere near that sample size!

But, I had this happen on 3 of the Fan Controls recently, and figured it was because "New in Box" doesn't always mean the same thing to everyone in the business of reselling things. My wife picked up my last several switches on ebay....


Well, it is across 2 houses, so 200 isn't QUITE as crazy as it could be... lol. First house has every wall switch (dimmers, switches, fan controls) and most electrical outlets, second house has most wall switches (motion dimmers, motion switches, non-motion dimmers, fan controls) and no outlets (but a number of plugin dimmer/switch modules).

I've definitely had to exclude new devices before, just not any GE devices (yet).

For any device, though, if it doesn't pair pretty much right away, I would do an exclude anyway - it's quick to do, and can't hurt anything.

You just saved me -- I just started with a new Hubitat installation -- I ordered 16 of the Honeywell wall switches - the first two I installed would not discover...I never would have thought to Exclude them -- my old house had about 30 GE switches and I never had to Exclude when setting them up with Smarthings...

As soon as I went in exclusion mode and toggled the switch - it excluded....I was able to add it successfully!

Thank You!!


I just exclude everything before adding. You never know if something has been returned or was tested before boxing.

My experience with GE/JASCO/Honeywell devices is that a good % (>50) must be excluded/factory reset before they'll successfullly include. Best guess, is that during QA they miss a factory reset after an inclusion test or something....leaving the User to figure it out!