Help detecting Zwave lock issues

I know there are tons of threads about the Schlage zwave log issues, I recently had mine all go offline - I’m blaming low battery on one of them. Either way, I didn’t figure it out for a day or two. What I was hoping to do in RM would be to have a rule that watched for when a door contact opened (the first time in the morning after alarm is disabled) and if the corresponding lock for that door didn’t register an unlock around the same time, flag it as potentially having an issue. Anyone know how to do that? Activity would be defined as receiving an event from the device (battery level, manual lock/unlock, etc). I’d need to link it to actions as to not alert me on doors I don’t use often or while on vacation.

I’m already using Lockdown to try (and retry) to lock things down, but even it fails at times if the locks “fall off”.

I’ve also used Device Watchdog and it’s good for Scheduled alerts but I don’t use all locks daily.

If anyone has other clever ideas on how to detect them falling off, I’m open to suggestions. I do have nightly activity reports but often times I miss those or I’ve gone the whole day with them not working by then.


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Maybe look at this app.

Device watchdog should take care of the letting you know if the locks have fallen off.

For RM maybe look at having the unlocking trigger setting a variable to [X] with a 30 second delay reset it to [Y].
Then have a second rule that is dependent on the the variable being [X] when the door is open.

There is should be a way to do it comparing last event times but I can't off the top of my head think how to do it in RM.

Yeah I wanted to somehow compare to the last event in the event log for the device vs keying off of the device unlocking (since unlock is getting called but it might not happen). I wasn’t sure if you could use events in that manner.

I am having the same issue with both Yale and Schlage locks - I didn't have any problem when running smart things but it has been terrible since convering to Hubitat - totally unreliable and battery usage has sky rocketed. I have the same mesh setup on Hubitat that I had on smart things...and its in the exact same location - yet - Lock control has <20% success. Yesterday, I added two aeotec 7 repeaters, rebuilt the mesh - I still had I added the lockdown program. At the standard settings - the last lock of three would lock and the others would I increased the settings from 5 to 50 and at least for now they all lock...slowly but they lock. Is this just a deficiency in the Hubitat device? If so, spec/performance should be clear so you understand what you are getting - you cannot just switch and expect locks to operate the same. I hope my battery usage gets better if this finally fixes it... I have really tried to make it work but I had to spend extra money and add special apps...disappointing.

Additionally, I have experienced slow downs which prevent the app from loading - I have now turned off all logging and I am working on rebuilding my apps - hopefully optimizing them so this stops happening.


Unclear. I believe the thinking is crummy firmware (at least on Schlage). I have zero issues on my Kwickset convert zwave lock. Supposedly HE folks are working on additional workarounds for the locks.

This is a good idea. It could be done in rule machine and a virtual switch. Maybe with an unlock - turn on a virtual switch for 5 minutes. then with another rule when the door opens check the status of the virtual switch. if it is on then your lock status was updated. Use an auto off for the virtual switch to ensure that if the lock dropped off while unlocked then the virtual switch status gets reset.

I'm having horrible battery issues with my lock on HE and have to replace the batteries monthly. So I might try this too.

I think this will do what you want albeit in a convoluted way as I can seem to find a way to compare event times in RM.

You need 2 global variables (I called them time & time2) and 2 rules to set and compare.
The logic of the rules is to make sure that the lock was always unlocked within 2 minutes of the door opening.

Rule 1
Rule 2

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“ horrible battery issues with my lock on HE and have to replace the batteries monthly.”
This really sounds like a mesh issue as the lock is not connecting solidly to the hub.
I suggest placing a repeater device within close proximity to the Hub and the lock. Even if both devices are line of sight.

Thanks for the advice. However I have already added two Aeotec 6 repeaters between the hub and the lock. Hub and lock are only 30 feet apart.

And you’ve done a Zwave repair ?
There’s also an Iris Zwave repeater driver that @srwhite created that works well and provides data on the repeaters state. You could try that driver to ensure the repeaters are being utilized.

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Thank you. Can you explain why you are setting time twice on Rule 1?

NM, I got it. You have to set it to current then set the offset to +2! Thanks again!

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I am experiencing the exact same thing! Have installed repeaters, locks may be 30' away...have done numerous repairs...the lockdown program has improved actual functionality but don't think its done anything for battery life.(Need more time for proof)

As I said before, I switched over from Smart things....the same devices in the same locations....I never had one lock issue with smart things but they are not functional with Hubitat.

I use both Yale and can say its the locks but why did they work with smart things? is the radio power that much stronger?

I am convinced there is some kind of bug/issue because - in my case, this is not a commerical, functional device for handling locks.


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I've given up on Hubitat with Smart Locks. I've tried everything to make them reliable with Hubitat. All my locks work fine with control4 and Smartthings. From drop off's to battery drain 100% to 0 in a day can get expensive. Just not worth connecting or trying new Locks with Hubitat IMO.

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I too couldn't keep my Schlage locks reliable on Hubitat after moving from SmartThings. I tried the repeater route and every other ideas posted, nothing worked. I kept my SmartThings active because I was using the SmartThings Home Connect mesh WiFi for internet. I moved the locks back to SmartThings and connected everything using the Hubconnect app. The locks are as reliable as they were before and controllable via Hubitat. Kind of a hodge podge but it works well.

As far as my locks are concerned, the apps and drivers available with SmartThings expose many of the capabilities that weren't available within Hubitat. I also use the SmartThings system to record house telemetery such as power and water usage uploaded to Google sheets for graphing into my SharpTools dashboards.

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Ever since I put my hub in the same room as the locks they have been very reliable. I’ve left the hub there and everything has been working fine.

Still can’t figure out why they don’t like routing through the other devices. But I’m going to leave the hub in that room for now and be thankful that everything is working.

After no luck installing repeaters, doing multiple rebuilds...I moved my hub - It was located in a built in wall shelf in the middle of my house next to my TV with other equipment including my router, and smartthings hub. My smartthings hub operated fine from this location...but It is in same a wall and close to a nonvented gas fireplace which has a metal shroud around it...bottom line - since i moved it my locks are relialble but I need to use Joel Wetzel's lockdown program. If I just ask Rule machine to lock all four locks - it will not get them all? Do they need to be separate commands with time in between?

It seems as is the Hubitat is much more senstive to interference from other devices and/or walls...


When I had z-wave locks, I would delay lock/unlock commands by 5 additional seconds for each lock. So if the first lock was locked at 0 seconds, the second was locked at 5 seconds, and the third at 10 seconds.

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thanks...I will try that.

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This makes sense. I rewrote my lock drivers to auto retry the lock command after 10s.

When I send lock commands to both at the same time I notice one will go right away and the second will get the command on the next retry by the driver.

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I’d recommend lockdown. I never open all the locks at once, but do lock them all. Lockdown has built in retries.

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