Help Debugging Error triggered on button push

I'm getting an error when I try a button activity. Anyone know why? Pressing the button and getting a "null" error.

I don't know what it means when it says "Action: Null for button 1 pushed". Even if i delete the delay I still get the error. I'm on the latest version:

Platform Version -
Hardware Version - Rev C-7

any ideas?

Something appears to be wrong with the app, with "app:83" likely being the "grandchild app" for this Button Controller/Button Rule instance (your screenshots actually look like you might be an on an older version of Button Controller, where it could just be a child app). If you're on an old Button Controller version (anything before 5.x), you might just want to try re-creating this automation in the latest version. Just creating a new Button Controller instance like normal would get that new instance on the latest version.

If you are on the latest version, I'd suggest removing the "grandchild app" for these actions and re-doing the actions for that button event (something you can more or less also try even if you're in the older version, but it may not help).

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@bertabcd1234 Thank you!!! No idea how I had one child app sitting at 3.1 but this one was and as soon as I recreated it the error went away.

Now I just need to figure out a replacement for Wemo Connect :frowning: which used to work with the old ones and not the new ones, but now seems to be messed up for all of them again. Wish that had a native device option.