Help debugging a garage integration

Hi all. Last night our garage door opened and no one is admitting to doing it. This makes me worried that I have a compromised system some where and someone gained access to my hub or some other integration that gave them access to my garage door.
Can someone help me figure out how to narrow down what caused it?

An odd thing that I did notice is the Garage door opened and I closed it again. Then a bit later my Plex service went offline. Both of these run on the MacMini.
Could it be that the MacMini was having problems and somehow triggered the garage door on home bridge (Seems like a stretch) and also affected the Plex App service?

Like I said, I am more concerned that someone gained access and I have other things to be concerned of as well. I would like to find root cause for this.

I am also open to suggestions on how to harden my setup so I can prevent unauthorized access.

Here is my setup:
Hubitat C7
generic ZWAVE garage door opener ( the device is only connected to Hubitat )
Homebridge hosted on MacMini

Note: Homebridge only hosts the garage door. All other integrations are through the hubitat HomeKit integration.

Other apps on the MacMini that may be an door for hackers:

Did you look at the device page and click on the events button on the top of the page. That should list all events and which apps sent any open and close events.

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It could be as simple as a nearby neighbor getting a new opener and that one happens to also trigger yours - that happened to me a few years ago (but I just have a very bare-bones GDO - no inherent encryption etc).

I just did a reset/re-learn on my opener & remotes and that solved it.

I did look at that and all it says is home bridge v2. I was hoping there may be some way for me to see what triggered the event on home bridge. ( like an IP or something ). I know it's a stretch that there is a way to get this data, but I was kind of hoping the community too would know.

If not I need to look at a way to secure this thing to give us a peace of mind.

Do you have any automations for the door? I personally don't think it's a good idea to automate the opening of a door or lock. Closing or locking if you forget to do it manually is a good scenario for a automation. Not that it can't happen, but I would venture the possibility of it being someone hacked your system to be pretty low.

it's probably something like what @hydro311 described or someone in your household accidently did something to open it and didn't realize it.

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No. I only have automation to close it after a certain time.