Help creating app that responds to device changes and sends out push notifications to mobile device

Hi everyone,

I've been working for ~6 months now on a native Android app/dashboard for Hubitat. The app is free (as in 'free free free') -- no ads and if/when I stop making changes I'll open source it as well. I started working on it after leaving Wink (both as an employee and a customer) and really missed having a native Android app to control everything.

My app is relying on the MakerAPI to get device details (local and cloud) and the /eventsocket to get updates instantly pushed to the app (local only)

The only thing I'm missing is a way to get push updates while the device isn't on the same network (ie: cloud mode). Instead, I rely on polling for device updates when remote.

What I'd LOVE to figure out is a way to solve that limitation.. I'd also LOVE to do it without requiring some 3rd party server or service. I KNOW it can be done and I have an idea what would work.. an HE app which responds to device changes and sends out push notifications (FCM) to mobile devices which are registered with it.

The problem for me is -- I've been a mobile app developer for 20+ years.. but, no experience with Groovy or server development.. I'm happy to learn while I go - but I would really need a lot of help getting started.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how feasible this app would be? Anyone able to offer any help / code snippets / etc? Unfortunately, with the app, my real job and kids I don't have a TON of time.. but, I do think this app can help bring new HE customers to the platform.


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