Help create a beer fermentation rule with a Qubino relay + Temp sensor

I have an idea for a rule that i am very uncertain about how to set up. So looking for some tips and inspiration and thought that i can ask the question to you professionals here on the forum.

I have a fridge that i control power on/off with the help of a Qubino Flush Relay 1 + Temp sensor.

The fridge serves as a beer fermentation cooler. And it works really well !. But what I am looking for is a way to get a rule on a whole fermentation process. Not just pieces of it.

Such a rule could look like this.

  1. Start at 20 degrees celsius and keep that temperature for a day.
  2. After that day, it should slowly lower the temperature over a period of one day down to 13 degrees Celsius. It should keep this temperature for 5 days.
  3. Then, over the course of a day, I want it to slowly increase to 20 degrees again and keep that temperature for a day.
    After that time, it should slowly drop to 0 degrees under a period of two days. (from 20 to 0 under two days). Then stay at 0 degrees until you manually stop fermentation.

The way I control the temperature today is through this rule but is looking for a more automated solution than changing the rule all the time.

In order to save on the compressor but still keep the temperature as close to the target as possible, this range between + -0.4 degrees is quite optimal for it to flex between start / stop. This results in the beer flexing about 1 degree between the runs of the compressor and this is acceptable.

I don't have an answer to your question, but dang! This topic is a first! Love it.

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