Help converting from Iris

So we have pulled the trigger and are converting over. I so far was able to get my hue bridge and 3 hue lights up and running. Next I tried one of our Iris smart wall outlets , batch code 21w12 which I though was listed on the list of compatible devices, hubitat finds it as a zigbee device but never initializes. Am I doing something wrong or is this one actually not supported ?

Not sure what batch code refers to, but there are two iris outlets that comply with the standard ZHA 1.2 profile and therefore work with HE. They are model #s 3210-L (and 3210-L2) and IL031, often referred to as v2 and v3 devices, respectively.

There is an entire generation of v1 devices that, for the time being at least, will not work with any zigbee hub besides iris, because they used a proprietary version of the zigbee protocol.

What is the model # of the device youโ€™re referring to?

Believe I have found the issue, pretty sure it is a v1 smartswitch . Oh well