Help! Basic rule that includes notifications, %time% showing up as "null"

Hello! I have a basic rule that runs and then sends me a notification. However, in place of %time% it shows "null". Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

I created a similar Basic Rule and was unable to replicate this problem. Are you waiting for an event, or are you testing the rule manually by using "Run Actions"? The %time% variable refers to the "trigger" event (the first one in your Basic Rule, what starts everything), not necessarily the current time. You won't have anything for that value with "Run Actions" since such an event doesn't exist in that context.


Oh. Yeah Iā€™m hitting run actions. I assumed it would generate the time when you got it to run. Silly me. Thank you!

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Rule Machine further offers the event variable %now% (representing the current time an action gets executed, not necessarily synchronous with the trigger event) when composing a Notification, in case you wanted to explore that feature.

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