Help automating a pool heat pump

I am trying to automate a Fibaro FH55 pool heat pump. I need to simply interrupt a 12VDC line. There is a 12V line on the controller. If this line is interrupted the heat pump shuts down. I would prefer to power the zwave/zigbee switch with 120VAC. Can someone recommend the zigbee/zwave switch that can switch 12V but power itself 120VAC? Thanks

I use the Zooz Zen16 and Zen17 for this:

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Yes I forgot about this, and I even happen to have one on hand. Thanks!

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Please take pics/diagram of what you come up with... I have an FH55 that I am working with too. I was just about to install a aeotec heavy duty switch on it.

Will do, but I may not get around to it this weekend. Just for reference, on page 29 of the manual you can see the "Emergency" pin out outlined in red:

I sent an email to Fibaropool tech support to make sure it was acceptable to use it in this manner, as they have it labeled for use by "Aqualink". They said it should work the same.

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I wound up using a dry contact Zigbee relay I found on Amazon, very inexpensive under $15. It's the box taped upside down in the center of the photo labeled "MHCOZY".

The blk/red wires on the left side run up to the top left of the board where I soldered them on directly, I was able to find constant 12V power on the board. I'm not too concerned this device uses very little power so I don't think that will be a problem.

The blk/red wires on the right side of the box are the dry relay, The red wire runs up to the top rail and connects on the very last terminal on the far right. The black wire on the relay used to plug into that terminal.

One cavet is the metal housing of the FH55 don't allow zigbee signals to pass through very well. The relay worked with the door off, but once I closed everything back up the zigbee signal couldn't pass. I worked around this by installing an Aeotec zigbee repeater right outside of the FH55. A Zwave dry relay may have been a better choice because of zwaves lower frequency but the only zwave dry contact relay I could get my hands on was the rather large Zooz universal relay, and it really doesn't fit in the FH55 very well.

Last thing, DON'T use the aeotec heavy duty switch on the heat exchanger. It doesn't allow the compressor and fan timings to do their thing on power down. Using this emergency switch method retains the device's shut down timings and is approved by the manufacturer.

Hope this helps, any questions let me know.

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this may help: