Help: Alexa events to Node-Red how to enable WsMQTT?

Someone gifted an LED light strip that unfortunately is Wifi only, and does not have an open API. It does at least integrate with Alexa through a skill. I might decipher the API eventually to share with everyone but in the meantime I am trying to do my first integration through Node-Red/Alexa. I got it so I can change a virtual device in HE and it sends the corresponding command to Alexa working great.

The part where I am stuck is capturing when the device is changed via direct commands outside of HE (Alexa or its own remote control or app). I think for this palette I am using I need to use this "Alexa Event" node, but it says MQTT must be enabled for my account. Problem is I cannot find any info on how to enable this so the MQTT events get sent to Node-Red. Right now I just have it tied to a debug logger and nothing comes through.


Here is my working sync from Hubitat > Alexa (my first Flow besides my influxDb logger)

Found a workaround for now, realized the device (made by LE LampUX) is a Tuya device. So I re-registered it under the "Smart Life" app and then used this driver to get it working in Hubitat. [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

Still using cloud but better than nothing for now. I think I could have even kept it in the LampUX app, as it is just a clone of the Tuya app. Also I now think I could put the Tasmota firmware on this thing eventually if I want to get it off the cloud.

ANYWAY.... I still want to get the original proposition working because I also have two Bluetooth bulbs that ONLY connect to Alexa, so if I can figure this out I can add them to HE through Node-Red without doing a bunch of routines in Alexa to control a virtual device (annoying).

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