Help: Advanced Mother-In-Law Comode Mode (Bidet Presence Detector)

Mother-In-Law is about to visit but I’ve written a simple rule turning off an Iris plug connected to a Bidet between Midnight to 06:00 AM. Now, I can simply pause the rule for the duration of her visit (easy way out) or I could write two rules (but I don’t know how.)

Here is my existing rule which simply turns off a plug between a certain time:

I’m going to install the following driver to detect my MiL’s phone.

Here’s what I don’t know how to do and was hoping others could please help out:
Option A:

  1. Would prefer to modify existing rule (or could be a separate rule) to say:
    1a. If a specific phone presence is detected (using above driver), disable this rule for 24 hours.

Option B:
2: This would be an alternate method not using a phone, but a motion sensor instead:
2a. If Motion is detected in room, interrupt existing rule and turn on bidet/smart plug for 15 minutes than turn back off following the original rule again.

Would this presence rule work (using my phone as an example instead of MIL’s)? I always get confused with the conditionals in RM reading “IF (Charlie’s iPhone present FALSE) On: Iris Plug Bidet”. Should it be ‘TRUE’ instead?


I guess it depends on your relationship with your mother-in-law :slight_smile:

Seriously, I guess I'm old school but I would pull the Iris and plug the bidet into the wall while she were visiting. There will be no question the seat will be warm for her.

I know the WAF is important and I'll assume the WAF = MLAF.

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Careful! Wifi presence is not a reliable as you'd like it to be. Phones turn off wifi when they're not being used. So you would need to make sure that he wifi doesn't sleep, or that bidet will turn itself on while she's home just because the connection to her phone is sleeping. Something to think about.


I just googled WAF and MLAF and it means either “web application firewall” or “Mississippi Language Arts Framework.” Unfortunately I’m still at a loss on this one. :slight_smile:

You can also use one rule to pause/resume another rule. So you could do something like:

  MIL presence *changed*

  IF MIL present THEN
    Pause rules: Bidet Timer
    Resume rules: Bidet Timer

Personally, I think I'd either just turn the Bidet Timer rule off, or plug the bidet directly into the wall. As others have pointed out, there's less of a chance of failure.

I’m okay with failure as long as it doesn’t blow her up...

I would suggest you learn...... or this might happen to you...


Poor poor Steve... if only he could’ve figured out a way to automate responses to his wife and his purchases like I’m striving to, he wouldn’t have found himself in this predicament.

Knowledge of current WAF is critical!


WAF = Wife Acceptance Factor, one of the most important constant [*Edit: variable :-)] in the known universe (and beyond).
Accordingly but far more dangerous, the MLAF (Mother in Law Acceptance Factor).

Viewing your needs, my sole opinion would be: when ML is coming, keep the bidet heated, always, 25 hours per day. Don't use any rule, trigger that will leads to problems and you will hear them, again and again, in 20 years...

I agree with everything you said except......constant

I see it as a known variable that has never been logically defined.