Help adding a delay to an existing automation

Hi. I haven't quite figured out using delays in RM4 yet. Am looking to add a one minute delay to the following automation so that it only triggers if either of the slider doors remains open for longer than one minute.

Any tips on the simplest way to to this?

5-24-2020 11-43-21 AM

I'm no rule machine expert, but I believe this will do what you want ...

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 11.11.17 AM

Thanks, @aaiyar. I have never used the wait command. Will give that a try.

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OK, I seem to have it working well enough with the below changes.

I had to make the wait time the same as the delay time or it never triggered.

The catch is that if I repeatedly open and close the door every couple of seconds, the rule still triggers even though the door is never left open for more than 10 seconds. That is fine for this particular automation - no worries turning off the HVAC in this case and it will still be turned back on when the door is finally closed - but the logic could cause issues if it mattered that the rule only be triggered if the condition were true for the specified period of time.

5-25-2020 11-19-34 AM