Help a newbie with Zwave Yale Lock Module

I don't know what I am doing. I got the locks imported and added to a room. What do I do now?

My goal is to be able to tell Alexa to lock the doors.

Do you have the Amazon Echo Skill app installed? If not, see:

Then, following the above guide, check the box to expose your lock device to Alexa. Then, it should appear on the Alexa side as a new lock device.

Then, just say, “Alexa, lock MyNewLock” (or whatever).

It doesn’t need to be added to a room on the Hubitat side. Rooms are at an early stage of implementation on Hubitat, not very useful right now.

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I had to re-add the skill since I pervasively activated it for something else.

I actually bought hubitat specifically for these locks. they are hand-me-downs zwave yales. I've had smart things since gen 2. SmartThings doesn't have an exclusion mode so I couldn't use the smart features on the lock. But now I can just tell alexa to lock the doors so I'm happy with that.

thanks internet person.

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