HelloHome code in Smarttiles replaced for HSM?


I completelly unistalled the ST hub last night :tada:, I was using it for Google Home and Actiontiles for my wife, for the GH I did some of the most used lights using IFTTT and they work with HE, for the Actiontiles I had a copy of Smarttiles, it works but the only missing is the HSM option, I see it has the HelloHome feature but it doesn't work, is any way to replace the HelloHome code for the HSM code?

Probably I will stop using Smarttiles in the near future when Dashboard or Sharptools get a little better. I can't handle Dashboard with no scroll and Sharptools with the Fully Kiosk app issue with the full screen.

Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.


HSM is very similar to incorporate into an app. See this post: