Hello and problems with a Schlage BE369

Did you ever get this working? I end up the same way with my lock, although it pair fine with ST.

You need to remove it. Factory reset the lock, then pair within 2 feet of each other. That said do you have any other ghosts in your mesh? Can you post your complete z-wave details page?

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I do not have any ghost devices and other devices are working fine...I think I want to try to add using the Silicn labs UZB stick, is there any good guide for that?

0x69 is an incomplete pairing, would be best to remove it and re=pair.


you can try, look on community for "Who ya gonna call" But like I said, I think you should delete the lock, factory reset it and pair within 2 feet of eachother, Likely the whisper isn't connecting properly (required for complete pairing of that lock) I have 3 of these locks and they all work well. Now if it's using earlier than version 8 of the firmware that can cause a lot of problems.

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Yeah, I had the Hubitat within 1 ft of trying to pair It today, unfortunately is does not help.

During pairing it finds the lock but never finish initializing....

Did you remove the ghost before trying to pair? What firmware is the lock running?

Yes, the ghost can be removed by excluding, I rebooted the Hubitat after removing it.
Where do I find the firmware of the lock? I am guessing it is way old.

It will be on the same label as the original lock codes on the inside of the keypad side of the lock

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Seems like it included better with the UZB stick, but I don't get any communication from it.

It didn’t include securely. I’m not sure if a secondary controller can be used for secure inclusion.

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Is it really a secure device, since it is z-wave 300?

It is. It will pair securely with S0 security.


Did you check the firmware revision? Also being a z-wave 300 may be problematic in and of itself.

yes, could not find anything, the only thing on the sticker are the codes and "FCC ID P2GBE369".

Hmmm... Usually it's on the label with the original door codes.