Heiman hs2sk zwave smart plug

Hi all,

I have a few of these and was hoping to use one with hubitat for power monitoring (want to know when my air con is on).

Can't seem to locate a driver. I managed to add it as a standard device, then alter to a 'generic z wave outlet' which allows simple on/off but no power monitoring.

Can anyone please assist?

Here's the product page:

TIA! =)

try neo coolcam plug driver?

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Done, thanks. It does seem to report power, but doesn't update unless I click refresh.

Any tips?

Update the power reporting?

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Come again?

Can't code to save my life. If that's what you're referring to. Hah.

The parameters, on how they report. The cheap z-wave ones will report for example 5% difference. The more expensive ones you can adjust the value.

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I think the driver only partially works. I can do a simple webcore script to 'refresh' periodically, which shows the then-current value just fine. But unless it's manually refreshed in this way, then the values don't change.

You might need a custom driver then. I've binned all my cheap z-wave plugs as they can end up very chatty

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Any pointers to a cheap zigbee one, perhaps?

That's an easy one :rofl: basic on/off == Ikea. Energy monitoring ST Plug.

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Ah awesome. Already knew about the ikea ones, I've got loads.

Fortunately I retained my Samsung plugs before binning that piece of crap hub when I came here. Class. Thanks for the help.

Would be ace if anyone had knocked up a custom driver for thr heiman ones too. I've got a fair few. =p

Righto. Appears that my zwave mesh was actually funky.

Did a repair, all good. Although energy updates don't seem to be possible for periods shorter than approx 30 seconds, regardless of what the config options show.


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