Heiman CO2 sensor

Any of you using this sensor?

i would like to buy but i don't know if will be work with Hubitat.

I’ve been using the AirThings sensor with @thebearmay’s web integration and have been very happy with it.

The sensor you are showing is Zigbee 3.0, so could be compatible, but I’m not finding it in the list of compatible devices:


Web integration works without Access to internet?

Can you identify this device in this database?

If you find it here, from the information available on this site it will be possible to check whether the existing HE drivers may work for this new model.

only this sensor but this is without CO2.

i want to use sensors in all my rooms to control ventilation.

Please post here the link of this device from the blakadder web site.

This device seems interesting.... And I am looking for a similar device too.

Did you find a store where you can actually purchase it from Europe?
I can't find how to make a new account at the French site... : (

EDIT: https://www.domadoo.fr/en/peripheriques/5882-heiman-air-quality-sensor-co2-temperature-humidity-zigbee-30-visual-and-audible-alarm.html?domid=7

i don;t have shop in EU.
I would like to buy from China. Price for those product on Alibaba looks good 30-50 Euro.
Unfortunately is not available on Aliexpress.

My last attempt to purchase something cheap from Alibaba failed because the shipping expenses from China to Bulgaria were over $100 USD! : (

I know that is better się aliexpress but current is not available

Unfortunately not, it picks-up the data from the web.

Thank you. Then is not for me. I would like to have everything off line

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