Heaviest Lifting Hub: Most devices/apps/automations

I was searching to see if a thread like this already exists, but didn't stumble across one; I'm interested to know what the stats are on on the hardest working hubs in our community. I read once about some users needing to add a second hub into the mix as they had too many devices, and I'm interested in how many is too many. Mine seems to take whatever I can throw at it, but I'd like to know how much success others have had with their setups.

I'll go first:

Hub: C7

Devices: 211
--Zwave: 30
--Zigbee: 41
--Network: 41
--Virtual: 53
--Other: 46

Apps: 12

Automations (webcore): 88

Really interested to see what the rest of you have!


Hub: C3

--Zwave: 21 (four power reporting)
--Zigbee: 73 (half dozen power reporting)
--Virtual: 91
--Network integrations: 8 (LIFX, Yamaha, TiVo, Alexa Skill, Echo Speaks, Wink, Ambient Weather; +27 related virtual devices)

  • 164 WebCoRE pistons
  • 75 other apps (Button Controllers, Simple Automation Rules, Maker API, Motion and Mode Lighting, HubWatchdog and a few other Groovy)

Currently on, it manages about 4 days uptime; sometimes exceeds 5 days.
Restarts get triggered by virt. switch response time thresholds beyond which I start to notice delays (much better than five years ago when it wasn't nearly as busy, thanks to the progress @gopherny and the rest of the HE team has made).

Patiently waiting for it to die (it's already on its second power supply) so I won't feel guilty about buying a C-8 with my 30 month-old C-7 still waiting in the wings.

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I have around 200, a lot of people have over 300

Apps? Automations? or devices?

Physical devices. I only have maybe 10 virtual...

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I’ve automated pretty much everything that I could around the house. The end result are some pretty busy hubs, but they are working great! :smiley:

Hub: C-8 (Hub for Supported radio devices)
Devices: 137 (Z-Wave or Zigbee)
Apps: 6

Hub: C-7 (Coordinator Hub)
Devices: 572 (Integrated from other hubs - Lutron, Hue, Hubitat, virtual, etc)
Apps: 50 + 24 Basic Rules; 19 Button Controllers; 6 Presence Combiners; 7 Device Status Announcers; 11 dimmer button controllers; 35 Groups/Scenes; 8 HubiGraphs; 37 dashboards; 11 LED Mini-Dashboards; 24 Lights-on Motion Plus; 184 RM Rules; 72 RM Legacy Rules; 4 Sensor Group +; 56 Simple Automation Rules; 5 Zone Motion Controllers

Hub: C-5 (Hub for Problematic Devices + Community Web Integrations)
Devices: 211 (Cloud, Zigbee or Z-Wave)
Apps: 21 + 20 RM Rules


WOW! that's some setup! What are the Mini LED dashboards running on/used for if you dont mind me asking?

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295 total devices

91 zwave devices

47 zigbee devices

apps counting parent apps including built in ones on app page: 50

rules machine 5.1: 24 rules
rules machine (legacy) 40 and 4.1 : 78 rules
notification app instances: 25
simple automation rules : 10

dashboards: 39


It is a way to get notifications using the Inovelli dimmer/switche devices’ LED bar:

I've got 572 devices on my main hub - but that includes a lot of virtual devices, switches, etc. About 70 z-wave, 93 zigbee, 80 or so Hue devices, 41 Lutron switches and picos, 5 Bond devices, 23 Echos, 5 Ecowitt motion sensors. On the app side... 30 room lighting _ mode and motion apps, a dozen notification apps, 83 RM5&4 rules, 12 zone motion controllers, 41 groups and scenes, 10 button controllers.

And then there's the other 2 hubs... but they have more specialized functions. Hub 2 is HSM, Envisalink, another dozen Hue devices, and 41 rules related to security :slight_smile:


thanks Ill sure check that out. I have a lot of the Red series switches which I bought to use the LED bars for notifications coming from HSM but it never really worked reliably.

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